July 27, 2011

Loving life :)

It's been awhile...  and there's so much to cover, yet not much at all...

My live-in nanny/housekeeper/ cook/counselor (AKA - my MOM) had to go home after three weeks. :(  I can't even put into words how thankful I am that she was able to come for that length of time. She was most definitely a lifesaver - my Man agrees!  She got less sleep than I did I'm pretty sure, since she pulled night shifts with our son - waking me up to feed and then sending me back to bed. Mom didn't escape for any quick naps during the day either, so she must have been exhausted... thankfully she is in love with little AJ so I think that helped her through! :)

This was saying g'bye... see how much AJ will miss them?
My in-laws are here now and have finally met the little man! As hard as it was for them to be away and not meet their first grandchild for almost 5 weeks, he's so much more alert and interesting now. He's smiling away at them, cooing and telling "stories"... his expressions are priceless. He is growing and changing before our eyes, and has completely won over both sets of grandparents!

This week we're relaxing at a cottage we rented... it was smoldering hot when we left home, but not so much while here at the cottage. The weather has been up and down - no real tanning days other than this past Sunday. We spent some time sitting on the dock and enjoying the sun. The past few days have been overcast, a few showers and cooler temperatures, so we did some driving and toured the Muskoka area and shops. It's been quite relaxing being here.

I'm so thankful for a big healthy baby... I haven't had any worries about his nutrition intake, his digestive system (seriously - he never stops going!!), his weight, his development over the first few weeks. He is such a content little boy and a pretty good sleeper... on average, I am able to sleep through the night, which is amazing! SO THANKFUL.  We have been out to eat numerous times (oops), and he usually snoozes right through the meal.

I love the way his little hands kneed me while eating, like a kitten settling into its spot on a blanket in contentment. I love the way his sneezes suddenly burst from his tiny (well, it's relative) body in full-man style. I love how his legs and arms kick/flail up and down rapidly for ages - what a workout! I love how his hands fly up when he's startled - we call him our Kung Fu Panda. I love the little smiles that flit across his face while he's sleeping. I love the full body grins as he meets your eyes... he smiles with his whole body. Sometimes it's at you, sometimes it's the wall behind you, sometimes at a spot on the ceiling... but no matter - we love the smiles! :)
This isn't his full body smile - can't seem to fully catch it on camera :)