December 30, 2012

Scripture Memory Challenge?

Looking for a new challenge for 2013?
It's not an overwhelming one - promise!  Just a commitment to do your best to memorize 2 verses per month for one year...  head on over to the Scripture Memory Challenge blog for more details! Hope you join us!

December 27, 2012

Christmas :)

As it's still the Christmas season, my warmest Merry Christmas goes to each of you! I hope you are enjoying the holidays - whether you're relaxing and visiting with family and friends, or... you're like us and spending much of the holidays alone in your home fighting colds! ;)  Tis the  season...

My Christmas cheer started a bit earlier this year as my parents and brother made a last minute trip up for a few days. If you have read this blog for any length of time, you'll know that most of their visits are last minute trips, therefore always slightly a wonderful surprise!

It was a relaxing visit with a few outings. Late Friday afternoon we drove downtown Toronto and met up with my Man when he finished work. After eating at the Old Spaghetti Factory (yumm!), we spent the evening at the Toronto Christmas Market in the Distillery District. Lots of people, lights, music, booths set up selling random items and food (too bad we were full!)... a few amusement rides and a kids train that AJ loved watching. The line-up to get tickets for the rides was far too long, but maybe next year we'll stick it out so AJ can get his train-ride. :)  Here are a few pictures from the evening:

(Wonder WHO they're watching...)

Saturday afternoon we did a little road trip up to Blue Mountain... just for something to do. We were shocked at how FREEZING COLD it was due to the wind tunnels between the buildings, so we didn't do a slow enjoyable saunter around the village... it was more like mad dashes between stores! We had supper there and headed home. It was too cold to take pictures!

Helping Grampie with some card writing... think these were headed to a max-security prison in the US!

Sunday evening was the Christmas program at church... the "pageant directors" highjacked our son and turned him into an angel at the last minute... I really didn't think it would work, but AJ had his little friend as a fellow angel and they survived their moments in the limelight! We thought AJ looked hilarious in his little costume, yet... cute at the same time. Cause we're slightly biased! ;)

Monday we just crashed at home most of the day with a little outing to the mall.  For supper we had a treat - a feed of lobsters and mussels. It didn't appeal to me as much as usual with my pregnant tastebuds, but everyone else seemed to really enjoy it. It's fun doing it for my parents and brother cause the LOVE lobsters and mussels. :D

AJ wasn't sure what to think 

Curiosity continued to bring him back :)

Uncle L joins him on the stairs in his watch of the live crustaceans ;) 

Ready to eat! They were huge.

Tuesday we mostly relaxed at home for the day before heading downtown for a highlight of the visit... watching a live performance of Messiah at the Roy Thompson Hall! My man isn't overly interested in that type of performance so was more than happy to stay home with AJ for the evening while I had a night out with my family. Our good friend Mark came with us - just like old times watching classical performances on PEI! :)

Photo Cred to Mark

We got there good and early!

Photo Cred to Mark or Dad - can't remember

It was a wonderful evening... this is the second time I've been to Messiah, and it blows me away when I look around a full auditorium of people listening to 100% scripture being sung! Do they realize what they're hearing?? The gospel is right there - out in the open. Amazing!

Our short visit had to come to an end, and my family packed up the car and hit the road Wednesday morning. AJ was still in his pajamas (not really anything new), but wanted to be out with them while they packed up. Uncle L gave him a short skate-board lesson which was a big hit (as was anything Uncle L did with him!) :)

One of those unflattering pictures... but since I haven't been taking weekly ones this time around, I thought I was due one. This is 34 1/2 weeks I think. Baby's in position - still waiting to drop!

I'm so thankful my parents don't seem too fazed by the long road trip between PEI and Markham... It's not a short little jaunt, so I appreciate their efforts to visit so much. I was finding it hard thinking of going this Christmas season without seeing any family, but ... their visit helped so much!

We had a few down (as in relaxing) days before Christmas... unfortunately AJ got sick with a nasty cold late Friday and was pretty much out of commission. He's such a trooper though - he rarely got whiny even though so miserable. Just a lot more cuddly. Felt so bad for him with his pouring nose, hacking cough, and so very low energy. Today is the first day he seems more himself - chattering a lot and playing around longer between cuddles. :) He's on the mend and his parents are on their way down. Hopefully we won't be as miserable for quite as long... and we feel embarrassed when we complain cause our baby did so little! haha

Christmas Eve, AJ & I needed OUT OF THE HOUSE after a few days stuck inside, and the Mister needed to go into the office for a couple minutes, so we all headed downtown for a little outing. AJ thought Dad's office was the BEST because there were so many sliding doors and... being on the 27th floor it had a fantastic view of the city... including the many go-trains coming and going! AJ's heaven these days ;)

Finally.... Christmas Day :)  We were having an early Christmas Dinner with Friends, so no special breakfast... not sure AJ would have waited for food anyway, cause as soon as he saw the wrapped presents, in he went!  His expression was mainly serious for most of the gift opening - I think due to feeling miserable... but he definitely enjoyed ripping the paper and checking out what was inside!

Mom kind of overdid it on books (if that's possible)... but he's already "read" through them multiple times!

Just a little bit of "knee room" left for our big boy ;)

SO SO SO thankful for Skype! AJ opened his gifts from my side of the family in the morning while they watched via Skype... 

Love this crew :)

His own laptop from Grammie & Grampie :)

We headed to Oak Ridges for a delicious Christmas Dinner provided by our generous friends. AJ was thrilled to see other faces and get some fun-time with the big "kids" :)

Spoiled - yet again. Thanks guys!

We arrived home in time to skype with the other side of the family celebrating Christmas together in Arizona. AJ enthusiastically opened Grandma & Grandpa's gifts while they watched but it was after we hung up when I realized I didn't take any pictures. :( 

As we wrap up 2012, we are so thankful for the blessings of family, friends, peace and most of all our Saviour - the One and Only gift that truly matters! Looking toward 2013 - we have no idea what is to come and trust each day with our Heavenly Father. God willing, we will welcome a precious baby girl into our little family the end of January, and can not wait to meet this little person!

December 12, 2012


Delayed as I wanted some pictures to go with this post... finally got my phone & Nikon uploaded :)

Count your blessings, name them one-by-one... Thankful for:

121 - My morning coffee.  (this could be on the list every week... every day.)

122 - Getting our Christmas tree up - finally something festive IN the house! Also, having little man help me in the process of decorating... he handed me all the unbreakables :) Then said "ooohhh" when the lights went on :)
We had hoped for a christmas tree farm outing this year, but it was raining... so to Lowe's we went :)

My cute little helper

I know - sad little tree topper, but... :)

123 - Watching AJ discover the Advent calendar and the surprise chocolates inside... Daddy was a good help with this and I love watching my men together :)

124 - The love my Man has for his little boy & that he's not afraid to show it

125 - A baptism at church Sunday night. So so wonderful to see 3 women obeying the simple command of their Lord and Saviour!

126 - Hearing AJ's happy wake-up chatter over the monitor

127 - Best news last week - finding out my parents and brother are coming for a couple days at the end of this week and into next week! Such a happy surprise when I thought we would be going the whole Christmas holidays without seeing ANY family... so thankful!  (Thank you LPR for being up for a road trip!)

128 - My little man's laughter. Best. Sound. Ever.

129 - Watching AJ's full on excitement when his new-to-us indoor "playground" was set up in our basement. YAY! Here's a taste (and it was past his bedtime I think)... It reminds me of how God takes pleasure in see US so excited and thankful for the good things He gives us!

130 - Coming downstairs to catch a moment like this. *Special*

Bonus - just wanted to add this silly picture too - note the bare belly... he likes some air conditioning while playing ;)