February 6, 2014

Thankful Thursday

Sitting here surrounded by boxes... feeling a little tired and a little nostalgic (equalling a little emotional).  The kids are still napping, so I thought I'd take a few minutes to focus on what I'm thankful for right now.

  • A comfortable home to have for so many years. 
  • So many good memories here. It's interesting for me to be moving from a place that doesn't really have any bad memories that I try to shut out!
  • Friends who give up their time to help me/us out in different ways
  • A surprise visit with an old friend who lives far away
  • Fresh light clean snow outside. (yes, this winter seems never ending, but this week it is so pretty!)
  • *SLIGHTLY* warmer temps that drew AJ out to play in the snow two days in a row. Fresh air is GOOD!
  • My mom... and the time she gave me to discuss paint colours :)
  • The kids doing well with their house in "moving chaos". Hope this continues!
  • AJ & MJ playing together more and more
  • The new and unexpected adult-sounding phrases that pop out of AJ's mouth lately. Lots of laughs!
  • A phone chat with a good Halifax friend today
  • Long afternoon naps for both kids today! YAYYY
  • 8 days until MOVE OUT day... No matter how crazy next week gets, it will be done on Friday. (Then on to packing up the cottage... aaahhh)
  • Anticipation of a family road trip to a warmer destination... plans are to travel south for a bit while we're between homes... hoping for a little beach time, but we'll see!
  • Getting to see my dad a little next week as he arrives in town for meetings
  • Technology that allows me glimpses into my little nephew's personality as he grows and changes... downside is that the desire to meet him and play with him grows exponentially each time!
  • My brother's 25th birthday! Glad the rest of my family can be with him today :)
I know there's more... but I hear some stirring babies... so I will continue my list in my head to focus on thankfulness today! :)