October 29, 2012

Multitude Monday

On this windy rainy night, I have 10 grace gifts I'm thankful for... though a little AJ over-loaded this week. oops. 

*Sidenote - praying for all those in the path of Hurricane Sandy... many friends and family...  

Some of my multitudes for this week:

#61 -  Beautiful autumn colours... I've been enjoying these, and will likely wake up to very bare trees tomorrow after this windstorm passes through!

#62 - AJ has his first real pair of sneakers!  How cute are these big-boy shoes?? :)

#63 - Watching my baby boy experience a big pile of leaves raked together for him by his Dad :)

#64 - Watching my two loves playing in the leaves!

#65 - A random hot fall day last week... sooo beautiful!

#66 - Watching AJ and his best bud play in a big mud puddle at the park. They found the puddle before  we saw what they were doing, and since it was so warm out, we let them continue to play in it... for over 20 minutes! SPLASH! :)

soooo dirty... had to feel disgusting - socks, shoes, heavy soaked cords... ugh. But they were oh so happy. Innocent fun :)
This messy fun is hard work Mom! Must re-hydrate :)

#67 - Seeing this cute mischievous face peaking out from his new favourite hiding place - in the cupboard under the kitchen sink!

#68 - My city boy exploring his country heritage... well, his mom never lived ON a farm or had a clue about milking cows - but she did live SURROUNDED by farms!

#69 - Seeing and hearing the joy in my son's face and voice every time he hears the Go-Train go through... mad rush to the window to watch until it's gone.

#70 - AJ is slowing gaining confidence & coordination with his spoon... fed himself a whole bowl of yogurt! YAY :)

October 17, 2012

Summer and Family Visits

I don't know whether it's come with age, distance, having children, or... ? It's likely a combination of all three and more... but the importance of family has been on my mind a lot this past year. Depending on the day, it can be an emotional topic for me (as seen in previous posts). But regardless of hormones (right now I'm blaming pregnancy!), the importance of family is something to be valued.

We are so blessed with a loving family on both sides. AJ and I have spent time with all of our immediate family at various times between July and October, and while it does make me even that much *more* lonesome for family time, it is time treasured.

The last week of July, Little Man and I flew East to be with my side of the family and attend a family wedding. It was so nice to see everyone, though the week zipped by way too fast. We got some beach time in and it was wonderful to see AJ playing on the Island sandbars, where I spent *so much* of my childhood summers playing. It was the first time my sister and her husband saw AJ since he was 2 months old! We spent the whole week together, including several hours in the car on our way to Cape Breton and then to PEI... it was a great week - one that I treasure so much.

Dad was having meetings in Ontario in July and we managed to get a Saturday with him at our little cottage at the very end of July/first of August. It was so stinkin' hot, yet he insisted on working on our overgrown yard after a couple hours at the beach. AJ thought it was great and learned how to help by putting grass/bush clippings in the garbage. :) He loved 'working' alongside Grampie!

The first two weeks of August we were thrilled to host my in-laws. July had been so very very hot, and I was terrified that weather would continue into August... we were staying at our cottage for the two weeks - a place that does not have air conditioning. YIKES!! But, the Lord was so very kind, and other than a day or so, the weather was perfect.  We did a number of day trips, the guys did some work on the cottage (annoying jobs that would never have been done otherwise, so we are very thankful!), and overall we did a lot of relaxing. It was a great two weeks and it was awesome to watch AJ getting to know his grandparents again. He had so much fun with them, and I think the love was mutual. ;)

I was hopeful that my parents and brother would make a quick trip up for a visit at the end of the summer, but tried not to put TOO much pressure on them... ha. In the end, I got my wish, and they arrived for the long labour day weekend. Because the city isn't where we prefer to be during those summer days, we spent most of that time at the cottage as well... meaning BEACH TIME! (with babysitters!!!)  What a wonderful end to the summer. 

So in those two summer months, we covered almost all of our immediate family... just missing my sister-in-law and her husband who live in Arizona. They didn't get the nice weather, but they did come for a week's visit in October over Thanksgiving!  Lest they feel left out (ha), we also stayed at the cottage for that week as well. It was closest to Detroit where they flew in. It was a cold windy week mainly, but we did some day trips and they saw some of the beautiful fall foliage. The last full day they were here, we went to Niagara Falls and the weather was amazing - so thankful! It was another very relaxing week. AJ just loved his aunt and uncle and it was so fun watching them bond. 

Below is a mish-mash of pictures highlighting our various visits in no particular order (thanks blogger). Each visit left us with so many memories and it warms my heart to watch AJ interacting with his family. Grandparents, aunts and uncles... oh so special. Just wish we all lived closer. 

Helping Grampie with the yard work

Evening sand castles with Grandpa

Peek-a-boo with Grammie :)

After supper stroll with Grampie, Uncle L and Grammie

Grandma photographing the beach construction work

Thanks Grandpa for teaching me how to throw sand! ;)

Waiting for the ferry to PEI with Aunt S and Uncle T
And... their puppy Penelope!

Aunt S can't stay out of the water long

Grandpa spent countless "hours" outside with AJ patiently opening and shutting the van doors on command... EVEN in the rain. 

AJ's first ferry experience - he loved it!

The big boys hanging out

AJ on the ferry - so much exploring to do!

Helping Dad with cottage renos

Mom & AJ on the ferry to PEI

I was holding on tight... don't worry.

YAY for being on the water and in the wind!

Grandma teaching AJ how to use his drill - he thought it was sooo cool (so did we)!

Grammie and AJ brave the sunset waves on PEI

More yard work - with Grandpa this time

Break time! Need some snacks...

Grandma got lots of blueberries into AJ

Reflections at Thunder Cove

Maybe Uncle L was teaching his the form needed for skim boarding or snowboarding??

Playing with Uncle T

Beach time with Aunt S and Uncle T

Grandma with her camera :)

Feeding ducks with Grandpa

Uncle L teaching AJ the art of skimboarding 

My Dad managed to be on the same flight as AJ and I from Ontario to NS for the July wedding - this was his immediate cuddly welcome. All together now - aaawwww ;)

A special surprise greeted us at the airport! Great-Grammie!!!

Hanging out with Grammie at Spinnaker's in Summerside

AJ discovered that Grampie was a man of snacks...  (I come by it honestly!)

Must have been an exciting story he was telling Grammie

AJ has some bonding time with Aunt S from Arizona :)

Lots to discover and see at the Ford Museum in Detroit

Learning how to light up a lightbulb

Family road trip anyone?? :)

A mini-thanksgiving dinner with Aunt S and Uncle N

Niagara Falls with Aunt S and Uncle N

Brother & Sister :)

Long post... thanks for sticking with me!