July 22, 2013

Happy 6th Months MJ :)

Baby Girl - you are six months old... and I have no idea how you arrived at this milestone already!

This Mama, who was a little anxious about entering the the world of "all things girl", is so thankful for you.  Even though you sometimes wear your brother's clothes (because your rapid growth rate has you running out of your own), this Mama is slowly falling for a few pink ruffles... And all the people said, "told you so!" ;) ) But really -- wouldn't this cute little outfit look smashing on her?? ;)

You have recently started to sit up on your own... you still spend time in the bumbo seat (mainly for meals, and you barely fit!), and most of your sitting up is in the tripod position... but you CAN sit up nice and tall when you choose to. :)

This beaming face brightens our life -- you smile so willingly and each recipient feels like they've made your day! I hope you continue to give generous smiles your whole life.

You're so excited to be included in your brother's playtime... and HE is so excited to have you there! He's dubbed you "Baby" even though he can say your name... and he loves to give you tickles, kisses, hugs and help to roll over when you least expect it! You are usually the first person he asks about when he wakes up and your face lights up when you lay eyes on him. I pray your love for each other continues throughout the years. 

You're Daddy's little girl and give him the most excited reaction when he gets home from work or walks in the room. Pretty sure you've done your job -- he's wrapped around your finger!

He introduced you to chocolate & sugar first... we can ALWAYS blame him ;)

You have your first tooth (bottom middle) through and working hard on your second. They haven't effected your mood too much, though maybe some of your night wake-ups are because of your teeth?

You are following your brother's footsteps and showing very little interest in rolling over. One evening last week you went from your back to your belly about 4 times in a row... but I haven't seen you do it since. And we have yet to see you go from your belly to back... maybe after you're walking?? ;)

You love to pop up and stand while holding our hands... you love being on your feet and the ExerSaucer is a great place for you to hang out. You love hearing the music play, and you seem to enjoy when we sing to you.  You smile so easily, yet it's very hard to get a decent giggle/laugh out of you. We'll keep trying!!

Mama has been slow at starting the solids - mainly because the weeks are just flying by?!  You had some tomato last night and seemed to like it. Not a normal "first food" ;)

You're a curious/nosy little girl (mother's daughter 'n all!)... hard to feed you when anyone else is in the room - including your brother. Your little head pops up and swivels trying to find the source of the least little sound. 

You are still a pretty laid back content little girl... you love your feet and they provide amusement when no toys are found. We love your happy "chatter" and bubble blowing... even if it DOES mean we have to wipe up that.much.more.drool.... :D  

Today at your 6-month doctor's appt you weighed in at.... (drum roll) 22 lbs! You're 70.5 cm long and in the 97th percentile for both height and weight.  Maybe you'll stop growing for a bit now so Mama can carry you longer than from the house to the car or the car to the house? ;) (but really - not joking!!)

Yes, little MJ, we love you so very, very much. Here are two little videos to try and capture your preciousness before you move on to the next stage.  Happy 6th month birthday! :)