December 15, 2008


It was likely not a good idea to start a blog so close to going away on vacation; definitely lost momentum! Oh, but it was a wonderful vacation!

The 10-day cruise up the west coast of Mexico was a first for us. I can now understand the obsession with cruising - what a way to relax! You really can't do anything BUT relax. We sailed with Holland America on one of their smaller ships - the M.S. Ryndam, and were two of about 40 people under the age of 40. That might sound "not-so-fun" for most of you, but since we're not into partying and we were travelling with my in-laws, it was most ideal. We had sunshine and warm temperatures everyday until our last day at sea, which really just helped with the transition from sea to land to... reality. Almost.

Before we settled back into our normal life, we drove to Phoenix, Arizona from San Diego, California. We spent six days in the beautiful landscape and sunshine of Arizona, taking two days to see the Grand Canyon and Sedona. And again, I can understand the obsession with becoming a "snowbird" and escaping the cold damp north to the dry heat of Arizona for a few months. Bring on retirement!

On another day I will delve into the beauty and memories of the six stops we made in the Mexican Riviera - a whole other world.

And on another day you will likely see a post whining about the trials of painting our home, for that's the task I've undertaken since returning to the cold damp snowy north!

Until then, as Christmas gets closer and closer, enjoy the hustle and bustle of the holiday season.