June 26, 2013

And .... He's TWO!

How is it possible that our little AJ went from this:
June 11, 2011

To This:
June 11, 2012

June 2012

To this?!

An early birthday celebration on PEI with family

A brownie train cake... group effort from my mom (the chef), my brother (the designer) and myself, (I got the very difficult task of sprinkling on icing sugar and decorating with candy & cereal.) Thanks Mom & L for making a cool 'cake'!

On his actually birthday - June 11, 2013

He got a special delivery from Grandpa & Grandma which will allow him to help Dada cut the grass ;) Jersey Girl and her girls made his actually birthday a special day by hanging out at an indoor playground, providing balloons and making a very neat chocolate chip cookie cake :)
*Note the train theme on the cakes... AJ is very much into trains!

He's not sure how he feels about MJ getting involved ;)

mmmm... this tastes GOOD!

The first time "he" brought me flowers ... awwww

At Easter 2013 (MJ has changed A LOT!) - photo cred to Vince K.

Fun with Nana at a very cool playground on PEI in May 2013

He jumps off.... EVERYTHING.

Back to his actual 2013 birthday - at an indoor playground with Jersey Girl and her girls

And... he had a THIRD (NOT the norm in this household) birthday celebration... at a park with friends. 

Best buds :)

Some good friends who joined us to celebrate AJ :)

A walk to the beach with Daddy in June

Back to May... in Halifax... AJ copies everything Daddy does.

At the Sunday School picnic - June 2013
(Love my boys)

It wasn't long ago that I gave a snapshot summary of the stage AJ is in... but I will update it a bit here for his official 2 year mark!

Weight - 27.2 lbs
Height - 86 cm

His vocab took off around the middle of May. It seemed every day while we were back East for vacation that there were new words coming out.  He FINALLY says his name. Well, his version of his name - "Agik" ... He's been putting 2 words together now for about 2 weeks...  "Mama's phone" "Dada's iPad" (see a trend?!) "Agik's home" "Kiki's car" (his friend)  "More Yogurt" "Out front"... and the list goes on and on. This week he's said a couple 3 word phrases like "Yogurt's all gone."  When we're driving (or walking), he informs us of each green and red light ("Green means GO!"  "Red, DOP! (aka Stop)")

He loves anything that moves. Bikes, buses, vans, trucks, tractors, diggers, cranes (lots of construction around here)!  City buses are either shouted out as "town!" or "all around the town!" - He's obsessed with the Wheels on the bus song.... (I, on the other hand, may lose my mind if I hear it one.more.time.)

He loves music and singing... and action songs. Current favourites are the Wise Man, Wheels on the Bus, Jesus loves me, ABC's, If you're Happy and You Know it...   He does great with the actions. Mainly because these songs are repeated UMPTEEN times a day.  aaahhhhh

He is making a lot of associations. For example, when walking down the grocery aisle, he points to the Raisin Bran cereal and says "Dada"... we don't remember pointing out that Dad always eats Raisin Bran, so he's getting it by observing.  

His imaginary play is starting and it is so fun to hear. Some days he's making phone calls to Papa in PEI, other times making food with his friend "Kiki" (who is not actually HERE when this happens)... in his bed he has loooong conversations with his bear and monkey.

He's busy. Does not really stop moving when awake. He launches himself off anything - sometimes fine, sometimes OUCH. He wants to jump off everything. He climbs anything that's remotely climb-able. Now he can go in and out of his crib. yay. ;) Thankfully he can focus when slowed down... he'll play with his duplo for a long time. His train set. And he still loves to read books. He's still not a fan of playing alone and always wants one of us to go in the room with him... and usually that means being on the floor with him. We're working on having times of alone play... but it doesn't happen often. We go to a little gym class on Mondays, which he LOVES. He loves the singing, the routine of circle time, the teachers who are so good with him, the things to climb and slide and jump on, etc. It's a great activity for him!  But most of all, he LOVES outside. At the playground, in the yard at the cottage, at the beach... he's just all around happier outside playing.

He's now into the stage where it's difficult to share toys (and space) with friends. He knows what he wants and when he wants it... not very patient with waiting. (I wish I could say I have no idea where he gets that from, but...!!) He is a bit of a perfectionist (not sure if that's the right description) - gets very frustrated when he can't get something to work the way he THINKS it should go - building blocks, train tracks, getting something on his fork, etc. Usually whatever he's getting frustrated with goes flying. sigh. Something we're working on the most. I guess "impulse control" is a learned skill that we all need to work on. Some are just more visible than others!  The water-works are more frequent - usually when he doesn't get his own way...  He still has a high pain tolerance and usually cries over little things that you know didn't really hurt. It's the falls when he just pauses and/or laughs that concern us! :)

I still get a good afternoon nap out of him. Average 2 hours but sometimes up to 3! YAY.

Food? He's still not the best eater. If it weren't for yogurt..... (we keep yogurt manufacturers in business)

He's an affectionate little guy... we get lots of hugs and kisses from him and he likes being close. very.close. (Confession: I sometimes just hide in the bathroom for a few minutes of SPACE!) He loves his little sister and likes when she's awake and sitting/lying near him. He still brings her toys to try and engage her, and loves when she smiles at him. He wipes her drool (which is a lot), tries to burp her, and covers her with blankets. He REFUSES to call her by name and says her name is "Baby." Even when we try to trick him into saying her name, he doesn't skip a beat and consistently ends up calling her "baby".  Which means WE start slipping and calling her that! YIKES! ;)

We love our little man so much. He brightens our days and makes us laugh. He is a gift. And we thank God for these wonderful two years with him.  Happy 2nd Birthday baby boy -- I love you!

June 8, 2013

MJ - 4 Months!

Life just isn't slowing down, so this post that's been sitting for weeks (!) waiting to be finished is going to be mainly a picture post.

It's hard to believe it's over 4 months since MJ joined our family... she is the perfect addition and we love her to pieces. She is still a happy content baby that usually sits back and lets her brother hog the limelight... ;) But when you make eye contact with her, she bursts with smiles (and drool!) and her whole body jitters with joy!

Since we were going to be away for her scheduled 4-month doctor's appt, we went early... at 3.5 months, she was 65.5 cm long and weighed in at.... a nice 'round' 18lbs! Yikes. 97th percentile on both hight and weight... but the doctor doesn't seem to be concerned since she's "symmetrical" ... ok! :)

Like her brother at her age, she doesn't seem to have much interest in rolling over yet... she is happy sitting and does the "mini-crunch" a lot when lying down or when being held... she likes being on her feet too - lots of squats happening! ;)

Have I mentioned drool???? And poop???  So. Much. of. Both.

(she'll love having that recorded for the public someday!)

She still eats a lot. Frequently.

Sleep? She has great day naps - shorter morning and long afternoon one. She seems to have set her bedtime around 8ish for now... but she seems to be regressing a bit through the night with more frequent wake-ups. I'm hoping it's the "4-month growth spurt" and that it will pass soon. She still does very well with soothing herself to sleep (still a thumb-sucker when going to sleep), which I'm SO thankful for.

She's had an eventful 4 months with a few trips to the cottage, 3 bible conferences, her first Sunday School picnic and a big plane trip back East where she not only met lots of family, but attended her first University Graduation! :)

Here are a "few" pictures of life lately - in no particular order:

Meeting a second cousin - Mama's cousin's little sweetheart :)

Meeting Uncle L - they had some great chats :)

Drool?? What drool?!

A spring day at the park... not impressed with the head gear.

First intro to the beach and the sand -- I think we have another beach bum! YAY :) :)

Sittin' pretty with her two first dolls

Wrapping Daddy around her finger

Second beach outing in Grand Bend

First big plane ride to PEI! She was a trooper both ways.

Hanging out in Papa & Nana's backyard in PEI

More chats with Uncle L

Happy Sunshine (...with bunny ears)

4 generation picture with Grammie R in the nursing home...

MJ's first visit to Mama's favourite Island restaurant - the Canton!

Meeting Uncle T for the first time :)

And!! Meeting Aunt S Janelle - who MJ is named after... Aunt S told us the most exciting news - MJ & AJ are going to have a new cousin in November!! Mama is super super super excited!

Sleeping snuggles with Nana

Now Aunt S... about this baby of yours... I hope she's as happy most of the time as I am... :)"


Nana has a good sleeping shoulder...

4 Generations with Grammie S

One of MJ's safer moments with AJ ;)

Mildly amused... mildly.

Just a day in the life of MJ & AJ :)

MJ got to meet another second cousin (or 2nd cousin once removed, or... not sure how it works!)
-- this time on Daddy's side! 

Ahhhh.... the big event! Uncle L - Dal's newest graduated Industrial Engineer!!! So proud!

Relaxing family time on Aunt S & Uncle T's deck near the water... perfection.

Papa whispering lots of love into MJ's ear... 

Time together went by way too fast...