September 17, 2012

Multitude Monday - #3

Thanking God for each of these blessings...

#21 - for my husband who is a wonderful father... who is so loved by me and our son

#22 - for the sudden beaming face and higher-pitched "Hiiii" of my 15-month old gift when I walk in the door after a full day away

#23 - for technology and friends that allowed me to attend and watch Beth Moore's simulcast on Saturday... what a wonderful day of refreshing, challenges to dig deeper in God's Word, singing of praise and worship, and encouragement (err... challenge!) to go all out for the abundant life in Christ

#24 - back to #21 - for my man who happily agreed to take on full-daddy-duty on Saturday so I could attend the simulcast with friends

#25 - watching my son joyfully run and play with the older boys at church. He loves them and I'm so thankful they love him!

#26 - the time to enjoy a coffee visit with three friends last Wednesday

#27 - these beautiful sunny autumn days

#28 - AJ's progress in getting back into sleep routines this past week! Sleep until 8:30am?? I'll take that!

#29 - trying a new restaurant Saturday night and being able to laugh with my Man at our choice... since it definitely didn't make the "do-again" list

#30 - the challenge of trying to find food our picky little eater will eat... (ha, most of the time I find this super frustrating... trying to change my outlook!)

September 10, 2012

Multitude Monday - #2

Thought this posted this morning - oops.

Another week filled with God's gifts!  Here are ten things from this past week I am thankful for:

11 - A rainy day on Tuesday to make it easier to leave our summer paradise and head home from the beach...

12 - One extra day with my brother and a few extra days with my parents! Unfortunately the reason was a sad one - one of my Dad's dear friends passed away after a long battle with cancer... but ... see #13

13 - My Dad's friend Mark U who left this world peacefully in his sleep and has spent just over a week in the presence of his Saviour! The textbook end to his type of cancer should have been so much worse... God is so kind and good. For Mark and for his family with him. No more cancer treatments, no more pain and discomfort, no more confusion and hurt... How he must be rejoicing! I attended his funeral, and I can only hope I leave such a positive impact and testimony with my co-workers and friends...

14 - A weekend at home and catch-up with some friends after a busy summer.

15 - Starting another bible study tonight!! We're starting Beth Moore's James: Mercy Triumphs. I'm really looking forward to it and hope I can be more faithful with my weekly homework to get the max out of this study. I expect to be encouraged yet greatly challenged... It will be nice to catch up with the girls again too!

16 - Headphones. After a summer greatly lacking in routine and bedtimes, yet including different beds and grandparents... I feel like I'm starting over with AJ's sleep habits... Headphones and music are going to come in handy this week while he "settles" for his naps!!  ;)  Better now than in January just before the baby comes and rocks his little world...

17 - Having a great report from my last ultrasound. Healthy baby and healthy me so far! Yay!

18 - Feeling our baby move more and more... this is the fun part and makes it so much more real.

19 - Being able to enjoy coffee again... it's such a comfort drink for me.

20 - FALL!! According to my trusty iPhone app, it's 11 degrees right now and is supposed to hit a high of 19 today with only 59% humidity. I'm in jeans and a sweatshirt - my FAVORITE uniform! :D  It's supposed to get up to 27 degrees with 88% humidity (feeling like 33) on Thursday, but I'll enjoy the cooler temps while it lasts. Mmmm.... I think a visit to Starbucks might be in order today...

September 3, 2012

Multitude Monday - starting over at #1

As always, I have great intentions... I have been wanting to participate regularly in posting ten things I am grateful for - Multitudes on Monday! My friend Heidi does it faithfully on her blog and you will also see a button on my blog linked to A Holy Experience - the website/blog of the author of One Thousand Gifts (highly recommend!)... There Ann Voskamp tracks her Multitudes on Mondays.  So after a number of fitful starts over my blog life, I am here starting again.

It's always good to take time and focus on gifts God has given you - both big and small. With a grateful heart today at the end of a perfect long Labour Day weekend, here are my ten Multitudes...

I'm so thankful for:

1 - The perfect summer weather we've had to enjoy this long weekend. Sun, heat and a BREEZE! Oh, and cooler nights - perfect for sleeping.

2 - A long long weekend visit with my parents and brother. It is so wonderful to have them here and we are enjoying every minute.

3 - Beach days! Perfect summer weather plus my family equals finding a beach... I was laughing last Wednesday (they arrived at 2:30 in the morning), that within a "few" hours with my family and we were already at the beach... even in Toronto. We made it down to "The Beaches" for a few hours - just a few minutes away from the CN Tower... We missed Thursday, but have been at the beach Friday, Saturday, Sunday and today! WAHOO :)

4 - The sound of waves... lapping up on the shore... I like the crashing ones too, but the last few days I enjoyed the softer version...

5 - Watching my little man interacting with his grandparents and uncle... he's become such a mimic - has us laughing a lot!

6 - A late night coffee with a homemade dessert... my mom's efforts of course. :)

7 - A short visit on the beach from friends who have moved a few hours away to attend university.  Love "my" girls :)

8 - Fans! While it is the *perfect* temperature outside at the moment, our little place is still very warm...  so having the artificial breeze blowing on me is much appreciated.

9 - A new restaurant just down the road... walking distance... we dined there tonight - yum!

10 - The Beach! I know - I've already mentioned it... but if you only knew how I love feeling the sand between my toes and hearing the water, you'd appreciate that I'm uber thankful. ;) It's such a natural recreation - enjoying God's beauty. Peaceful and relaxing. Even with a 14 month old. :)

There... Got #1 done... on Monday! It's 11pm - still counts.

Join the fun and joy of thankfulness with me?  Write out your own list of 10... it's good homework.