June 19, 2015

I don't want to forget...

I don't want to forget...

the way your little body curls around mine when you nurse
the way your toes push against anything in a constant rocking motion when you're nursing and super hungry
the way your eyes glaze over when you're sleepy and satisfied
the way your hands kneed me when nursing
the way your hands reach up to touch my face and grab my nose or mouth when you're happily nursing
the way you fall asleep but suddenly launch back on if you sense me about to get up to put you down
the way you talk or give half laughs while you're alert and happy to be eating
your soft little foot resting up on me as you make yourself 100% comfortable
the way I am all you need right then.

I don't want to forget...

how your face lights up when I walk around the corner and you see me
your lightening speed crawl to get to me as fast as you can
the way you intently watch your brother and sister play
the way your crawl over to join in whatever they are doing
the way you laugh at their silliness
the way you loudly "talk" to be a part of their play
the way you don't back down when they try to stop you from doing something
the way you crawl off and find something to get into and play contentedly by yourself
the way you giggle at peek-a-boo
the way you pull the blanket down yourself and giggle as we say "boo!"
the way you wriggle at the slightest tickle
the way your big bright eyes smile before your mouth
the way you so easily smile and brighten my day
the way you have been so proactive at crawling, standing and moving
the way you almost hyperventilate when you see me taking a drink of water

I don't want to forget...

the way you rub your eyes when tired
the way you keep crawling over and pulling yourself up to touch me as if saying "Please mom! I'm tired!"
the way you push your face into mine to briefly cuddle
the way you give your rare but so special wet kisses
the way you don't really want to go to bed
but how you roll over onto your stomach, ready to sleep
the way you get so excited when I walk in to pick you up once your sleep is over
the way you chatter "da-da-da-daaa"
the way you pull yourself up and play at the various bins of toys like you're a big kid
the way you are such a happy little guy until you're ready for your next sleep

I don't want to forget how small and precious you are.

I love you littlest man. My heart is full.

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  1. Maybe it's because we're in the same season, but this got me right in the heart. Love love love it. xo.


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