October 15, 2011


Wow. Where did the summer go?? I think I started this post the end of August... tried again sometime in September, and here we are - October 15th and AJ (also affectionately known as "Stinker" because of the mounds of diapers in a day!) is 18 weeks old... 4 months with our little boy. Incredible!

The last little while has been so fun with him... I love watching his many (MANY!) expressions and his full body grins and smiling eyes. I love how his eyes close whenever we smother him in kisses. He grabs hold of his blanket and pulls it up and down, grabs my hair and pulls, and grabs his toes and pulls them towards his face. He's holding some toys and brings them to his mouth to chew. He still loves his hands and constantly has fingers in his mouth. Not really sucking on them; chewing is a better description. Poor fingers. His laugh and giggle is contagious and we love hearing the new sounds that come out of him all the time... this week alone has me scared we have a chatterbox on our hands! :)

He has rolled over from his stomach to back a few times... first 2 times on Sept 21. And only three since then. I guess he doesn't want to overdo it.

He must have great abs since he does mini crunches all the time. When he's on his back on the floor, on our knees, in his stroller/swing/chair/tub - he's always pulling the top half of his body forward as if he's sitting up... but never quite makes it. But he'll hold it in that crunch position for awhile. Wish I would do that!

Stinker has his first flight under his belt... He and I left flew to PEI the end of August for 9.5 days, leaving 'Dad' home to work. It was a bit of an experience getting my suitcase, big stroller, small suitcase, diaper bag AND the child through the airport, check-in, security and onto the plane... but we managed and he was perfect while flying. Thankfully. I prayed lots!! He nursed on the way up and down and slept most of the time in between... the few minutes he was awake, he and I looked out the window. I know he was as excited as me to spot the reds, greens, yellows and blues of PEI... ;)

Uncle Lucas, Aunt Steffani, Uncle Timothy and Great-Grandmother Stewart have all met the newest member of the family. I had hoped to be more adventurous and try to fit in a few more of the family members and friends in the Maritimes, but once there, it didn't seem realistic to travel around. So we stayed put and enjoyed PEI. Lucas and Dad were both home when I arrived, and Steffani & Timothy came over for the Labour Day weekend.  AJ got LOTS of attention and cuddles... and I think... the family has accepted him as one of us. ;) 

start 'em young! Hopefully he gets the talent of these 2 teachers!
AJ was to the beach most of the days we were on PEI and did really well, thanks to the Moby wrap. I'm training him young... he has no choice but to LOVE the beach! :) We also did a September excursion to the beach here in Ontario.
Like Father, Like Son!
 Well, this is a scattered recap of life since my last post... lots of holes, but if I don't press save and publish now, it could be another month! To say I'm loving being AJ's Momma is an understatement... I'm also loving my Mat leave!! :D

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  1. This whole post made me very happy! You all look great!


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