December 7, 2011

100th Post - All about Little Man

I've been hovering over this entry for awhile now... it's my 100th post and it feels like it should be worthy of the milestone... yet, I feel so uncreative. Nothing too substantial here, so forgive the complete AJ post!  I gave up before starting a baby book, so this blog is kind of that for me. A way to remember...

It's December... so hard to believe how fast this fall zipped by, with Christmas is swiftly approaching. My little man is a couple days away from being 6 months old... now THAT is hard to believe. This last month was quite eventful for him - lots of milestones.  

AJ is still quite lazy with his rolling over. While he did stomach to back first, he rarely does it... he easily rolls from his back to his stomach, but then gets stuck because he hasn't figured out how to use his arms to propel himself over. A little frustrating, because he has turned himself into a stomach sleeper who just cries in frustration when he wakes up, instead of turning himself over. aaahh  I spied on him the other night while he was sleeping but stirring; he was pushing himself up on all fours with his knees tucked in under his cute little diapered bum... I don't think he realizes he CAN do that since it hasn't happened in the day time. ;)

He had his first Halloween (still in the process of figuring out whether I'm ok dressing him up in cute costumes for this "holiday"). I had bought a little Tiger outfit a month before, but then saw the CUTEST lobster costume online... so I ordered it - 6-9 months. It came and was way too small. I was so disappointed, since a lobster is unique. I figured he'd just be Tigger the Tiger... then I tried it on a couple days before Oct 31st, and the pants were way too small! So.... I borrowed a Mickey outfit from a friend. Who knew there was so much pressure to have a 4 month old dressed in a costume?? Mommy-peer-pressure! :) 

And my favorite - the lobster... I don't have a picture of! :(

My parents were here for a visit that lasted 2.5 weeks! Amazing. :)  The first week they were here, Dad had meetings and mom babysit AJ most nights so we could go and enjoy. My little man also go his first cold (another milestone) that week, so that was a little upsetting for Mama... but surprisingly, he survived! ;)

On AJ's 5-month birthday, he attended his first Remembrance Day ceremony. 

The second week Mom decided to paint one of our bathrooms... that desperately needed a makeover! Have I mentioned she's wonderful?!

While they were here, Grampie taught Little Man how to slide down the banister... thanks

He also sat him down for his first piano lesson.

Grampie also took him on his first walk across the room. Little man went little foot over little foot all across the living room.

The first snow flakes experienced:

On Nov 13th, 2 days after his 5-month birthday, he started doing this on his own:

Little Man is turning into a little ham (why do we say that???)... he discovered he could make Grammie laugh and laugh by doing this repeatedly:

He got in the way of Dad making coffee... The hat wasn't part of the trick. Just perfect timing :)

AJ attended his first Christmas parade...

He didn't seem that into it... ;)

Then, back to the mom-peer-pressure... after being asked the gazillionth time if I was feeding him any "solids" yet, I decided to sit down and do it. Peas (gross), Apple (unsweetened), Sweet Potato, Barley cereal... not all at once of course. He's not super into it, but is getting enough in that I notice a change in his diapers. ugh. 

Last one!  AJ is no longer a toothless little man... last Sunday, December 4th, he popped two through! The 2 front bottom teeth at once. (ouch)

So while you may be bored to tears (understandably), it's been an exciting month for this new Mama... wonder what 6 months will bring?!


  1. what a busy little boy! <3 it's easy to see he's stolen your hearts. give him a little snuggle from me, and a (very drooly) kiss from sam!

  2. Aw. Major milestones. Loved the update! Can't wait to see you soon!


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