June 4, 2012


So.... we've been away every second Friday for a bit now, which means we've missed every real garbage pick-up. Consequently, this means our garage has been getting progressively stinkier (spell-check says this isn't a word)... Sorry for the image!

After an unsuccessful trip to the dump a few weeks ago (I misread the hours online - grrr!), I decided it was time to try again. I loaded the trunk with massive garbage bags, the stuck poor AJ in his seat surrounded by the aroma. This was no time for a leisurely drive to the dump - I considered the outing a health hazard! All windows down, speeding down the 407 - the fastest route to the dump. AJ thought he was in a wind tunnel. I guess he was.

Ok. It's been a long long time since I've been to a waste disposal location. I must say, it is the grossest place EVER. I would have taken pictures to prove the grossness, but I was too busy holding my breath and keeping my heaving stomach down as I tossed out the bags while standing in this "muck" they had me back into. Guys there, but no help.

But I couldn't get too annoyed... after all, they have to work in the place all day! I was only there for about 4 minutes. They should a break.

I escaped back across the scale, paid the fee and sped out of there... apologizing to AJ the whole time. Poor kid!!

Grossest. Place. Ever. 

Then... after a little lunch outing, I stop at the grocery store. As I get out and close my car door, my hand slides through recently deposited bird poo. Seriously???? TODAY?!

Yup. I may not be able to eat for a week after those two experiences. At least it will be good for the waistline!

And to top off our outing for the day, with my cart full of groceries, a tired boy and coffee in hand, I reach for my keys on the way to the car. Not there. hmm. I stop, and look again. Nope. I go through my bag - nothing. I look around AJ in case he found them and was playing with them. Nope. Aaahh. Don't panic. I search and search. Nothing. I go back in the store and retrace every step. Nope.  I ask the cashiers and customer service clerk if a set of keys has been turned in. Nadda.

I take deep breaths and refuse to panic. I go out to the car where it won't matter if AJ melts down while I look. Thankfully, after going through every pocket *again*, I found them in a place I never put them. RELIEF!

Just one of those days! It's been a couple hours and things seem to be looking up... let's hope it continues! :)

To compensate for my venting, if you haven't seen this on Facebook - here's a cute video of our happy walker. He is definitely spending more time on his feet than knees these days. I find it exciting! :)

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