April 9, 2013

Multitudes - April edition

It's time to get back to my Multitudes - my ongoing list of gratefulness ... the lack of posts here certainly don't give a true picture, for I am VERY thankful for the life God is giving me. :)

151 - top of mind right now, is my thankfulness for my RISEN Saviour. The life I have is all because of Him - here and now, and most importantly for eternity.

152 - visits from extended family. A few weekends ago, some special Connecticut family did a whirlwind visit (*thank you!*) which we only wished were longer and included the rest of the family :) Then we enjoyed having my cousin and her husband with us over the Easter weekend... again, there was limited time to visit, and we hope they come back soon! (hint hint)

153 - MJ doing great with "tummy time" (AJ hated it at this age)

154 - a man who loves his babies :)

155 - earlier bedtime for both kids.  AJ is down to one nap most days so is ready for bed earlier. MJ is slowly working herself backward to give a decent stretch the first part of the night.

156 - a trip East planned for May! eeeeek :) :) And this time my man is going too - yay! :)

157 - seeing Mom's face when we told her about our trip...

158 - getting back up to our little cottage, which survived the winter.
AJ enjoying the snow and space to run

Rolling a snowball with Dad

How do kids know exactly what to do with such an ancient piece of equipment?? ;)

The beach doesn't look quite as inviting this time of year... brrr

159 - Signs of spring... just when you think it will NEVER come...

160 - Beautiful sky and a country drive on a sunny day

161 - A great little class AJ is in on Monday mornings - he loves it and has new things to try every week.
Teacher George - AJ loves him :)

Lots of fun stuff to do at the gym

Even an airplane zipline!

162 - A big brother who wants to be where his little sister is... and a little sister who tolerates him. :)
(my kids do wear clothes... sometimes.)

163 - A random warm sunny day... in fact, it was HOT in our tiny sheltered backyard... we enjoyed getting some natural Vitamin D!

164 - AJ trying so hard to jump off two feet... not much 'air' here!

165 - Precious gifts from my little Man :)

166 - love the big smiles from MJ

167 - AJ & MJ's play time "together" ;)

168 - a New washer & dryer!!

169 - the opportunities to take pictures of our kids being silly... I know, someday they'll shoot me!

170 - AJ's first haircut! He's growing up too fast...

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