January 27, 2014

And... She's ONE!

Full of smiles, full of energy and full of life.  That about sums up our little MJ.

That she's already a year old shocks me. Time is definitely going faster with two little ones, but it is worth every crazy day. In many ways she seems younger than AJ was at a year, but I think the fact that he was toddling around at this age made him seem older.

From this:
To This:

While MJ has yet to come close to saying any words, she rarely leaves a doubt in our minds as to what she wants! Full of facial expressions, waving hands, shaking head, persistence, stubbornness, determination and action. Totally knows when she's about to do something you don't want her to - a gleam shines in her eyes, she smirks at you and races off to do that forbidden thing: straight for the toilet when a door is left open, straight for the stairs if a tiny gap exists, over to her brother's juice when he's not looking, hand snatching your glasses at the speed of light... long gone is our passive happy baby. She's still usually happy - just not passive. Her brother doesn't gain much ground with her, as she tackles him on his head if it's anywhere near... he has a love/hate relationship with those tackles... loves that she's engaging him and playing, but hates having his ears touched and head kissed/bitten! ;)  The two can have good battles over toys now... and AJ doesn't always win!

MJ is our dancer... she's always b-bopping to something, whether music she's hearing or... music in her head?? Shoulders alternate scrunching up, head swivels, whole body bounces, hands clapping... she loves music and seems to have some rhythm. AJ loves music too, and sings most of the day... not sure he has the rhythm thing down yet though.

We got her a little trampoline for Christmas, and she loves it. Gets herself up, hangs onto the handles and bounces away.

Water... she loves water! She gets so excited when you take her into the bathroom...  and start the bath water?? Euphoria! So far she loves the water on her head and in her face... huge splashes and crawls all around the bathtub. We'll test her out in the pool/ocean soon hopefully!

While MJ loves food, it is always and only on her terms. I think I get more veggies into her than AJ at this age, but I'm at a loss for what makes her choose to accept or deny them. Some meals she'll gobble up, other times, I get the sealed mouth and swatting hands... if we manage to FORCE it into her mouth, most often she delights us by sending it back out... Meat, fruit, breads... sometimes yes, sometimes no. Yogurt is usually a yes.  Bring something sweet near her?? Mouth opened as wide as you'll ever see, hands waving and body bouncing. She saw Grandma's pie and icecream over christmas... and about launched herself from the highchair to get at each bite. Pleased Grandma to no end! :) I thought AJ liked chocolate... MJ takes it to another level. So.... we'll see how things progress over the coming months. AJ was barely nursing at one and stopped about a month later without any issues. I think MJ senses that I'm ready to be D.O.N.E. with nursing, and has amped up her need/want for it... can't imagine her going down easy on this one. sigh.

MJ loves being with us and will frequently crawl to where we are and put her hands up. But a less cuddly child you would be hard pressed to find... I think we're a stepping stone to the next item she's in search for. She gets up in our arms, then starts reaching for something else.   She'll play with us (our face & hair is usually in danger), but won't relax and cuddle into us. I guess that's one benefit I get from still nursing her -- I get a bit more of a cuddle at bedtime... sometimes she even lays her head against my face before going into her crib!! ;) But while she's not a cuddler  (not a word), she is affectionate... we get lots of wet loving kisses, and accept her painful nose pinching/twisting as loving touches! :D

As much as MJ craves and seeks us out for attention (totally normal), she does frequently go off on her own and play... sometimes into the playroom to play with blocks, her trampoline, even her dolls... recently I've caught her a few times looking intently through a book! So excited about that. I don't think she gets as much quality one-on-one time looking through pages of books that AJ got (and still gets), so I need to be more mindful of that and make the time with her.

Weight at 12 months: 23.8 lbs
Length at 12 months:  73.5 cm
Teeth: 5 1/2 ... teething seems a little more painful for her than I remember with AJ. She has a runny nose a lot too lately, and I think it's to do with teething.

Big Moments in her first year?
-- first plane trip to PEI in May 2013
-- first long road trip to PEI in September 2013
-- first broken bone and cast
-- closed out her year by getting the flu early January and vomiting 3 times. (big deal for me, since AJ went 2.5 years before his first vomiting experience, which was just this week!!)

MJ brings so much sparkle and spunk to our little family, and I hope she channels her persistence for good in her coming years. Our hearts have expanded so much this past year and sometimes I feel overwhelmed with love for MJ and her brother. Yes, there are many days (usually just hours in those days) where I feel I have lost my mind and every last ounce of patience, but it is worth it. These babies of ours are sweet and amazing gifts from our loving God, and I pray I can love them, guide them, teach them, and raise them in ways that please Him.

MJ - I love you so very very much. I am praying for your future -- praying that you will know God's love and mercy in a personal way while you are young... that you will trust Jesus as your Saviour when you are young... that you will grow into a young lady who has courage and spunk, with a tender, loving and obedient heart for God's plans for you... that you will be the friend who acts kindly and generously and attentively, even if it means going against the crowd/pack mentality. Learn from your mistakes sweetheart, and let God use your pain to make you stronger and more useful for His purposes. Life hurts little one, and people hurt... so-called friends will inevitably hurt and betray you at every age... don't let that hurt and pain rule you. Don't close yourself in with protective walls - it's not worth it. Somehow, someway, do your best to learn to hand it over to God, who is your defender... let His love grow and overcome bitterness and pain. It's a life-long challenge... your Mama is still learning it day by day.  I love you little girl. I always will. And as long God gives me breath in my lungs, I will be here for you... no matter what.

Happy 1st Birthday sweet MJ! x0x0x

(Pictures are a combo of her actual birthday with just our little family and a family birthday supper we had when Grandma, Grandpa, Aunt Sher and Uncle Norm and cousin L were here over Christmas/New Years. )

Order is out of place... but seems suiting to start with cake?! ;)

Opening presents while on Skype :)

Proof of some family there :) My pictures are sadly lacking these past few months!

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  1. Happy Birthday MJ :) You are so loved!
    If you will allow, from an older mom, -don't rush the weaning... what is another 6 months? She won't be nursing by kindergarten and you'll still look back & wonder how it went by so fast. Such a tender part of life. A sister in Christ, Mary-beth


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