April 24, 2014

Another overdue update

April 24th... well, I've missed documenting a few milestones in our life lately!  So let's do a quick review.

Feb 13-14 -- moved into a little basement apartment for our few "homeless" weeks
Feb 14 -- moved out of our home. A crazy day, as all move days are!
Feb 16 - 17 -- de-junked the cottage and packed up our beloved little place
Feb 17, Family Day -- discovered baby #3 is happening
Feb 18 -- headed away on a little family vacation. To Michigan. yes, not Florida as my last post anticipated! ;) But we had a wonderful few days of down time at Great Wolf Lodge in Michigan!
Mar 8 -- packed our belongings in a U-Haul and drove away from our precious Grand Bend cottage for the last time... with many tears. 
Mar 13 -- got possession of our new home! So exciting to get those keys and get inside again :)
Mar 15 -- move in date... HURRAY!!!
Mar17-21 -- house got freshly painted inside, and I love it! 
Mar 23 -- Mom comes for a visit (Dad did too, but 7 hours doesn't really count, does it??) and stayed for almost 2 weeks. So very thankful for her help in getting settled in.
Mar 25ish -- In the last week of March, MJ started walking at 14 months. Love this toddling stage! 

I think that's about it... April has been settling into a normal routine again and we are loving our new home with lots of space to play - inside and out! 

So did you catch the casual but big announcement in there?? Yes, Little One #3 is due to arrive early October sometime and we are thrilled! A bit scared, of course, but excited and thankful. :) I have been feeling well throughout it all, just the usual tiredness and mild nausea. It was so busy in January and February that I just attributed the extra tiredness to the stress of the moving process... but now I know it was a bit of both. Thankfully both kids still nap in the afternoons (usually), so I take advantage of that many days. I know -- not very productive, but!

Here are a few pictures over the last couple months:
Move-out day from our home... 

AJ had a few moments in the big moving truck :)

Great Wolf Lodge

AJ had a cool little "camp" spot to sleep in while at Great Wolf Lodge

Back at the apartment... maybe a little cabin fever setting in on those frigid cold days??

Papa was in town for meetings so we enjoyed a few brief visits :)

MJ is our climber. If she can reach it, it must be climbed...

Nana visiting in our new home

A rare nice spring day! AJ had his bike out for the first time and we enjoyed a visit from friends.

A boy and his dirt... so content out there.

Won't be long now before MJ is running off with AJ's bike...

Got our deck all ready for the spring/summer season!

One of 2 loads sent to the dump from the cottage...

MJ's favourite place to hang out in the apartment 

Dad & Mom after a little vacation away on their own for the first time in ... forever? ;)

Nana's March visit

AJ learned some new skills since moving in... carpet was ripped up and he popped quite a few staples for us :)

Enjoying some fresh air at the end of our driveway :)

So mild and quiet............

Park fun :)


  1. What a wonderful post, full of exciting moves and thrilling announcements! I am so happy for you and your family!

    1. Thanks Emily! It's been a little nuts, but looking forward to another little one around here :D

  2. love this post:) Congrats!! I love your Mom, so nice that she was there for a while with you!

  3. Hey Janna... I'm a little behind in the blogging department, but it was great to log on here and get updates on your "growing" life! Growing kids, growing space, growing you! Congratulations! Kiddos are gorgeous too... MJ looks like a little ham! Any trips planned out west!?


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