October 26, 2008

A Fresh Start

Well, I've gone and done it... I've entered the world of bloggers! I take this step with a slight hesitation, not quite knowing what to expect. Do I want to blog daily? Weekly? What exactly do I intend to write about?

I think you can tell from the title "Scribbles and Nudgings" that I'm not quite sure! I associate scribbles with the posts I might share on the mundane events or even adventures I may have.

As for the other half of my blog title, you won't find 'nudgings' in the dictionary. Is it ok to make up a word for your blog? I must confess it wasn't me who made up the word, but an older friend in his late 80's. He sends out a newsletter every so often about the atrocities and events in Haiti, and how people there are suffering. The title of his newsletter? Nudgings. And I think it's quite fitting as his intent is to make readers think, and if so inclined, help in some way.

So on some occasions, that is what I hope to do. From time to time, I hope to share something with you that will make you think. Those posts will be considered my "nudgings."

So, welcome to my new writing journey. I hope you have patience while I figure out what direction this will take! For me, it is exciting. This is a place where I have freedom to express the words and opinions that build up inside. It could be called "Freedom in Words" or... "The Path Unknown..." :)

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  1. It must be frightening that minutes you after you started this blog, I'm here commenting (I found you under "Recently Updated Blogs" on the Blogger home page).

    That doesn't always happen, sadly.

    I wait around for comments all day.

    But you have a lovely blog so far and I wish you luck as you blog happily! Blog on your life, but falsify names - that garners interest, especially if you have a passion others can identify with. Or start a themed blog, based on your interests. Or randomly blog, make it a personal, online diary (and possibly restrict public access). Or ignore the creepy stalker named Mike ;)

    In any case, I wish you luck, and all the best!

    Happy blogging,
    Mike Fan


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