August 20, 2010

Lonely already...

My favorite man is flying out momentarily for Vancouver... he has a week of work there and is getting in a weekend with his parents. I'm happy for them; sad for me. But here is where I insert how thankful I am that he doesn't travel very often and has never been away longer than a week. I'm not sure how my mom and so many others do it... there's such a vacancy when he leaves and takes my heart with him.

It does sound silly, seeing he will be home a week from tonight... but it's times like this that I get all morbid (my dad has passed this wonderful trait down to me unfortunately! ;) ) and wonder just how I would survive if the Lord chose to take him home... I'm sure most of you sane people don't get that type of thinking. Lucky! You wouldn't believe how many funerals I've been to in my mind (yes - with tears on my face) of loved ones who aren't dead yet!! :P

Anyway, to entertain myself this weekend, I'm driving to Grand Bend after work to hang out with my friends and their kids. Hopefully at the beach all afternoon tomorrow. mmmm :)

Don't worry - I don't mope around the whole time he's gone... just the first day and a half usually... then I just get excited that he's coming home soon. :)

Thankfully he'll likely never read this and see just how crazy I am... ;)


  1. Oh you crazy, insane friend..!! The week will fly by and Mr Tall will be back again before you know it! Too bad you're not out here with him.. just imagine how much coffee we'd drink when he'd be at work! Haha. Love you.

  2. I know... ;) The week WILL fly by... thankfully. And I would LOVE to be out there drinking coffee with you and covering and fixing all the world's problems. haha Love u too!

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