August 27, 2010

Vacation Recap - Cape Breton

How much can you fit into a week of vacation? Quite a bit, as it turns out.

We flew out of Pearson Airport Thursday, August 5th after work, beginning our whirlwind vacation. We booked a hotel room very close to the Halifax International Airport so we could get an early start on our trip to beautiful Cape Breton the next morning. We had a wedding to attend! My sister and brother-in-law met us at Tim Horton's (a necessary first stop!) and we hit the road together... the two of them in their cute "Smart 4-two", and us in our rented Nissan Maxima (I think)... onward to CB!

Thinking we had plenty of time to get there, we were quickly thankful for our early departure as the duration of our road trip was extended by summer road construction, very very very slow cars, fog, a few bathroom pitstops, and a long stop at the Causeway because the bridge was turned to let water traffic through... and not just any ol' boat, but a snail-paced barge. *sigh*...  (I don't adjust well to the slower pace of life when I go "home"... )

We made a stop in Mabou for lunch and hit a fantastic little restaurant called the Red Shoe Pub... yum yum yumm! But since we were short on time, we didn't have time to savour each bite. Next time!  Then, because we'll likely never see these people again (despite the fact I just said I'd savour the taste next time), we all trooped in to change for the wedding...  :)

We made it to the wedding site with 15 minutes to spare... according to the intended start time. ;) And what a wedding site it was - breathtakingly beautiful... as Cape Breton is. It was held in a cute little high-top tent on the edge of a  bluff overlooking the ocean... there was  refreshing breeze and beautiful sunshine. It was perfect! Here are a few pictures to tell the tale...

Beautiful flowers - My mom did the arrangements! :)

Look at these two beaming with love! I am SO happy for them!! :)

My funky family :) x0x
I have to mention the meal.... because it was done Chiasson style... the meat, the vegies, the fruit - it all came from the Chiasson's yard and my Uncle's tender loving care... it was amazing, and delicious! Here's my very full plate... (apparently I have no shame!):

We stayed in a little motel in Margaree, which allowed us to be close to any family activity on Saturday. We went out for breakfast (closer to noon) with Dad, Mom and my brother at the cutest little cafe called the Dancing Goat. Love the original name!

We dropped into the Chiasson residence where all the hustle and bustle was taking place.... here we were surprised to see the Bride & Groom! :)

They opened gifts, cleaned their car from the wonderful "pranks" their friends pulled at the wedding, packed their car and hit the road. The rest of us planned for an afternoon and evening at the beach... yay!

It was definitely a beach party (once everyone else arrived), and we enjoyed hotdogs cooked over an open fire, a refreshing swim in the waves, lots of family time and singing around the bonfire... it was perfect.

My man checking out the surf :)
My brother doing what he does best at the beach :) Almost non-stop...
I love this picture... they were having fun together :)

The crew is here, food devoured (Thanks Uncle),
and the singing started! Thanks ADS :)
awwww :)

A lovely sunset.... 
And what's a beach bonfire without roasting marshmellows?
Yes.... it was a perfect Saturday!

Sunday morning we enjoyed fellowship with the Baddeck Christians - a packed little building with all the visitors! - then my man and I said our goodbyes and headed to Halifax.  It was a wonderful but brief visit to Cape Breton... we both love it there.


  1. Gorgeous wedding. Loved the cozy setting. Glad you got your man back and had a fun trip together.

  2. oh, he's not back yet... tonight (well, early tomorrow morning!) I'll get him back and I can't wait! This trip East was the week before he left to Vancouver. :)


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