April 6, 2011

Dreaming of coffee...

mmm... I may be 31 weeks and 3 days pregnant, and not really "on" coffee or other caffeine drinks, but... doesn't that look delish?

There was an article in The Star today discussing Toronto's ultimate café and espresso bars...

I think I just made maternity leave plans... day trips with our little one to test out these wonderful coffee shops. At least on the days Little One is happy! :)

Coffees, lattes, cappuccinos.... How relaxing will that be? Who's in?!  
(forget about the $$)


  1. Oh how I'd like to be the one to be IN!! Wish you lived closer and we'd hit all the coffee shops in town! Missed you on here, by the way.. nice to see you back again!

  2. There seems to have been little to write about... I can only do a baby update so many times, and work just isn't really all that exciting! haha And that's been life lately... :)

    I wish you could be IN too! You should come out for a visit sometime since you DO have relatives here too... :)


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