April 26, 2011

Time is passing by...

Well, today was my last day working alone for at least a year. Weird.

My replacement during my mat leave starts tomorrow and we will work together for almost two weeks straight. At the same desk. I really have no idea how that is going to work because whoever isn't working on the computer will be completely bored out of their mind... I have never officially trained anyone before so this will be interesting. I took home all my personal items today except my plant. Mixed feelings as it has been a good job, but it was such a vivid reminder that I'm moving into a new role away from a desk... I'm going to be a mom! Having so little time left at work brings reality home - this baby is coming and coming SOON! :)

Speaking of baby... do you think there is such a thing as a professional ultrasound receiver? Seriously... I have been to 5 ultrasounds and the last report was inconclusive for what we need to know, so... I am going back for yet another one next week. SIX ultrasounds! If our baby is born with a third ear or something, we'll know why. My sister tried to comfort me in saying at least the baby would have the best hearing of all us Ramsay's! True... made me laugh.

The ultrasounds are 100% for medical reasons, but not for anything overly serious... just to figure out if I will need a c-section or not. It really looked like that was the route this pregnancy was going, but the last ultrasound gave a little glimmer of hope. We'll see what the SIXTH ultrasound plus a specialist OB appointment concludes next week.

We had a great long Easter weekend here... the Toronto Easter Bible conference is always a busy one, and this year was no exception. Except (ha) you get off easier when you're 8 months pregnant. We had my cousin and her husband stay with us plus another friend of mine from Halifax who is living in Sarnia while going to school. They were very low maintenance and certainly got the "no-frills" treatment. Hopefully they come back another time when I have the energy and time to fuss over them a bit!

I saw this video Sunday night and thought it was fantastic! Imagine walking by and seeing that crowd of people out lifting praises to our risen Saviour...  and to top it all off - see what happens at the end... a way to reach out to those less fortunate than ourselves in a tangible practical way.  If the video is too small here, you can check it out on youtube here.


  1. Hi Janna,

    I just want to say that if you need a c-section, it's not necessarily that bad. I've had it both ways and the c-section was a better birth experience for me in every way, including recovery. I know it's not like that for everyone, but it's not always worse. I was very educated on childbirth (I had read a LOT) and I definitely wanted everything as natural as possible, but ended up having the "ultimate intervention" at the last minute and was totally okay with it.

    Hoping all goes well with you.


  2. I'm continuing to pray for the Lord's Sovereign Hand to be upon the rest of your pregnancy and your delivery. May He give you peace about whatever delivery method ends up being best for you and your little one.

    Oh, and I understand your concerns over having so many ultrasounds. I was worried about the same thing when I was in the hospital with my girls and receiving ultrasounds almost every other day. But so far, I haven't found any third ears! :)


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