May 10, 2012

1st Birthday jitters

Tomorrow is May 11... and in exactly one month, my little man is turning ONE!


How did this happen?? The year flashed by.

Turning ONE means a birthday. And a birthday usually means a celebration. And a celebration usually means a party.

I have a love-hate relationship with Pinterest, facebook and blogs. Sometimes I let them make me feel like the worst/laziest mother out there. Seriously - have you seen some of the first birthday parties hosted out there?? Full-on theme crafty parties, entertainment, incredible favours, and lots and lots of people.

I think those moms are amazing. I don't begrudge them at all, and I know that those that DO parties, enjoy all the prep that goes into it. Their kids will have amazing pictures to look back at!

But for me??

I. am. not. crafty.   (goodness, I struggle getting my son's snaps done up on his clothes,! I think that says something.)
I. am. not. a. baker.
I. am. not. overly. organized. (ha)
I. am. not. overly. social.  (sorry people - I do love you though!)
We. have. no. yard. (This relates, as a BBQ/Picnic doesn't sound too bad)
Birthday. parties. have. always. stressed. me. out. (seriously - as long as I can remember. I never ever begged for a real birthday party... though I had one or two as a child under peer pressure)

And now I have a son. What if he grows up to LOVE parties? Yikes. Seriously, yikes.

If I don't have an amazing celebratory first birthday party for our precious little stinker boy, will he think he's less loved? Will OTHERS think we love him less??

Sounds ridiculous. But those very thoughts are plaguing me right now.

So, if June 11th rolls around and there's just a very quiet celebration for our little guy with a couple balloons and some cake - please don't judge too much. We love our little man so much, that if we loved him MORE, we might explode. :)

And... when he's older and KNOWS it is his birthday... if he wants to have a party with his buddies, well then... I might have to step up to the plate for him. The display will still fall far short I'm sure, but I will do my best to make sure my kid has a happy celebration and knows he is loved! :)


  1. Sometimes small parties are the best! That way you(host) can enjoy it better! Just relax and enjoy! :)

  2. Good choice, Janna. I too love looking at other people's ideas for birthday parties.. it appeals to my creative side. We've done a few birthday parties for the girls, but in the early years and lately, we find it more fun just to hang out and have a special outing on the birthday date. Whatever you do, I'm sure Little Man will always love you! Give him a big birthday smooch from me! Hugs. SUSE

  3. (((Janna))). I understand! I never do anything more than a BBQ with cake (usually store-bought - it tastes better that way!), a few balloons and a WalMart party hat! And we always have a wonderful time. As I was setting up for Jimmy's party last weekend, I did pause and think, "Boy, I wish I were more creative!", but then I realized it just wasn't meant to be. The kids just want to be around people who love them, and to eat lots of cake. :)


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