May 22, 2012

Eleven Months & Walking!

Well..... "walking" might be pushing it... blame it on proud Mama talk...

We had an exciting long weekend:  AJ took some consecutive controlled steps! :)

I'm so happy his Daddy was there to see it too. He did it once earlier in the day for me alone but not quite as steady. Then again just before this so Daddy could see, then again for a video! Yay! It's happened frequently since too, though the distance hasn't really grown. I love the proud grin he gets on his face when we cheer.

In other news, AJ has decided he likes loves chicken! After trying to get some protein into him for months now, he has taken to chicken. We were invited out for lunch on Sunday and they had chicken fingers for the kids... AJ ate two and a half chicken fingers. I checked - they really DID go in his mouth! And more chicken on Monday and today.

But that love could change tomorrow! 

Finding food all day to feed an 11 month old is definitely not my favourite part of mothering... ;)

I think I'll give the long weekend its own post after I upload my pictures. We had a wonderful weekend! I hope you did too. :)


  1. LOVE this! First steps are so exciting! Glad you both were able to share in it together.

  2. Was so excited to see your Mom's video of the steps ~ Exciting times with many first!!! Enjoy them all :) Love you!


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