August 23, 2012


AJ just went down for his second nap (yay!) and I'm sitting here looking at the disaster all around me. I really should be cleaning, tidying, organizing, etc... things that efficient moms do while their children nap. Instead, I'm going to write for a minute (or two... or three...). Best you don't drop in for a visit today! (yah, like that ever happens up here)

Last night I took my turn going to bible study and left the little gaffer home with his Dad. I was so pleased with the report I received when I got home to a quiet house. Except that it never seems like the child misses me when I disappear. What's that mean?!

I know - it's actually a good thing, and I'm thankful he's not pining away at the door thinking I abandoned him. But, I'd like a minute of "Wait - where did Mom go?!"  Nope. Nothing.

Anyway, apparently he played around nicely... then brought a clementine over to Dad who thought he just wanted to play the game of "pass back and forth" (very popular in our household). When Dad didn't seem to get the message, AJ decided to start peeling the orange himself. Little piece by piece.  Finally Dad noticed and did the rest. He also made the elephant face out of the peeling, but was offended AJ didn't see the humour.

This is his morning look.
After filling up on fruit, he did a full blown diaper. AJ that is. Lucky Dad. When he started to get tired, he took his pajamas off the couch and kind of swished them around... Dad, who's getting smarter with the signals, dressed him for bed.

A couple minutes later, AJ kept coming close and standing there, so Dad asks "Do you want to go to bed?" Response? Yup! (I love that he says this frequently in the right context) AJ climbs on the couch with Dad and leans into him... so to make sure, Dad asks "Do you want to go upstairs and go to bed?" Yup! So up they go. Sing a few songs, and AJ is laid down in his crib... he just looks at Dad like, "Yes... this is what I wanted!" Dad walks out the door and all is quiet. Perfect bedtime routine.

Doesn't happen all the time, but I love it when it does. Especially since the child has no idea what time bedtime is after the last month and a bit. We call it "summer hours"...

I know... Your life is so much better now, after reading this edifying post... you're welcome.


  1. :) life is definitely better for a peek into sweet aj's day!
    if he's anything like sam, his 'where did mom go?' reflex will kick in around 15 months ...
    not gonna lie, it is kind of nice to know i'm missed! on the other hand, though, it's nice to know he's happy and content regardless.
    <3 :)

  2. I'm glad to know I'm not the only one who doesn't always use naptime productively! :) I loved reading about AJ's bedtime routine - he's one smart cookie!


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