September 3, 2012

Multitude Monday - starting over at #1

As always, I have great intentions... I have been wanting to participate regularly in posting ten things I am grateful for - Multitudes on Monday! My friend Heidi does it faithfully on her blog and you will also see a button on my blog linked to A Holy Experience - the website/blog of the author of One Thousand Gifts (highly recommend!)... There Ann Voskamp tracks her Multitudes on Mondays.  So after a number of fitful starts over my blog life, I am here starting again.

It's always good to take time and focus on gifts God has given you - both big and small. With a grateful heart today at the end of a perfect long Labour Day weekend, here are my ten Multitudes...

I'm so thankful for:

1 - The perfect summer weather we've had to enjoy this long weekend. Sun, heat and a BREEZE! Oh, and cooler nights - perfect for sleeping.

2 - A long long weekend visit with my parents and brother. It is so wonderful to have them here and we are enjoying every minute.

3 - Beach days! Perfect summer weather plus my family equals finding a beach... I was laughing last Wednesday (they arrived at 2:30 in the morning), that within a "few" hours with my family and we were already at the beach... even in Toronto. We made it down to "The Beaches" for a few hours - just a few minutes away from the CN Tower... We missed Thursday, but have been at the beach Friday, Saturday, Sunday and today! WAHOO :)

4 - The sound of waves... lapping up on the shore... I like the crashing ones too, but the last few days I enjoyed the softer version...

5 - Watching my little man interacting with his grandparents and uncle... he's become such a mimic - has us laughing a lot!

6 - A late night coffee with a homemade dessert... my mom's efforts of course. :)

7 - A short visit on the beach from friends who have moved a few hours away to attend university.  Love "my" girls :)

8 - Fans! While it is the *perfect* temperature outside at the moment, our little place is still very warm...  so having the artificial breeze blowing on me is much appreciated.

9 - A new restaurant just down the road... walking distance... we dined there tonight - yum!

10 - The Beach! I know - I've already mentioned it... but if you only knew how I love feeling the sand between my toes and hearing the water, you'd appreciate that I'm uber thankful. ;) It's such a natural recreation - enjoying God's beauty. Peaceful and relaxing. Even with a 14 month old. :)

There... Got #1 done... on Monday! It's 11pm - still counts.

Join the fun and joy of thankfulness with me?  Write out your own list of 10... it's good homework.

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