December 12, 2012


Delayed as I wanted some pictures to go with this post... finally got my phone & Nikon uploaded :)

Count your blessings, name them one-by-one... Thankful for:

121 - My morning coffee.  (this could be on the list every week... every day.)

122 - Getting our Christmas tree up - finally something festive IN the house! Also, having little man help me in the process of decorating... he handed me all the unbreakables :) Then said "ooohhh" when the lights went on :)
We had hoped for a christmas tree farm outing this year, but it was raining... so to Lowe's we went :)

My cute little helper

I know - sad little tree topper, but... :)

123 - Watching AJ discover the Advent calendar and the surprise chocolates inside... Daddy was a good help with this and I love watching my men together :)

124 - The love my Man has for his little boy & that he's not afraid to show it

125 - A baptism at church Sunday night. So so wonderful to see 3 women obeying the simple command of their Lord and Saviour!

126 - Hearing AJ's happy wake-up chatter over the monitor

127 - Best news last week - finding out my parents and brother are coming for a couple days at the end of this week and into next week! Such a happy surprise when I thought we would be going the whole Christmas holidays without seeing ANY family... so thankful!  (Thank you LPR for being up for a road trip!)

128 - My little man's laughter. Best. Sound. Ever.

129 - Watching AJ's full on excitement when his new-to-us indoor "playground" was set up in our basement. YAY! Here's a taste (and it was past his bedtime I think)... It reminds me of how God takes pleasure in see US so excited and thankful for the good things He gives us!

130 - Coming downstairs to catch a moment like this. *Special*

Bonus - just wanted to add this silly picture too - note the bare belly... he likes some air conditioning while playing ;)

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  1. Have a wonderful time with your Mom, Dad and LPR ~ I'm thinking they didn't have to twist his arm too hard to do the road trip!!! Enjoy your Christmas, and your little man is a sweetheart!!! Your big man is too :) Hugs to you all!


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