December 4, 2012


A day late...  oops. Here are a few of the blessings / God-Gifts I'm thankful for this week! The little moments count and I don't want to take them for granted...

111 - Breakfast out with my 2 men on Saturday morning... AJ is very into roosters right now (thanks Farmer Brown from the Jolly Barnyard... and about every other book he reads!) so lots of pointing and excitement and cock-a-doo-ing ;)

112 - A cold walk around our little pond across the street... this flock (?) of ducks was very friendly but soon waddled back into the frigid waters when they realized no bread crumbs were materializing. I don't know why I can never remember to bring bread for the ducks?!

113 - Watching AJ "mesmerized" watching the street traffic... a benefit to living on a busy one! It gets a little like staring into a campfire or fireplace... :)

114 - Candy cane season! Mr Moo found my box of candy canes and discovered the yummy sticky mess... and this Mom was too tired and relieved he was over "there" content for a few minutes that she allowed several candy canes to be wasted. Just one of those days.  

115 - A Panera Bread has opened quite close to home!  Uh oh.... 

116 - And..... it's in the same parking lot as the new Whole Foods! Doesn't this presentation of veggies just make you WANT to eat fresh food?? Beautiful.

117 - Going to get our Christmas Tree this Saturday! At least that's the plan... hopefully it's not too cold (or wet)... and that I can actually walk past the first 5 trees to enjoy the experience. ;)

118 - SEVEN (ish) weeks to my due date.... wow. It's getting more real... :)

119 - AJ is getting a little girl cousin... hurray! :) Too bad Arizona is so far away...

120 - A relaxing Sunday afternoon.... included a short nap, a s.l.o.w. family walk down to Starbucks for a delicious Gingerbread Latte... mmmmm  The fresh air was so nice. Thankful for milder temperatures for a day or two!

**Disclaimer - all pics recently seem to be with my phone... sorry for the poor quality!

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