February 24, 2010

Go Canada Go!

UPDATE: They got GOLD!! What a great Olympic memory :)

Specifically: Go Heather Go! or... Push Heather Push!!
An Olympic event becomes that much more personal to you when you know the athlete participating: Heather Moyse is an Islander. And that means every Islander - wherever we are -  is aware that OUR athlete is preparing to push for GOLD tonight in the women's bobsled event at Whistler.  She has our full support and we will be sitting on the edge of our couches until the outcome materializes... and, whether she pulls away with the Gold or not, we will be proud of her. This is OUR event!

I can remember Summerside music festivals when Heather would be competing in the theatre voice programs... or when she'd smoke all of us at the track meets, or when she became the star of every high school sport she played (and I think she played them all)... her brilliant smile and sparkling eyes lit up those dull school hallways. Heather was going places - even then. While I cannot say I had the privilege to be her friend, she was an acquaintance, and.... I'll take that with pride. :)

So in 1 hour, she will push for her 3rd heat, and then at 9pm she will give her all for Gold... GO HEATHER! Go Canada! :)

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