September 16, 2010


Today is a day to celebrate... despite the rainy grey depressing weather outside, and... the fact that I'm at work. :)

My Dad and Mom are arriving this evening! I got a text Monday night asking me if we'd be willing to have company for a few days...  my answer? Yes Please! 

Texting has become a favorite for our family... each of us hates to pick up the phone and use it, so this 'new' way of communicating, while brief, has allowed us to touch base much more frequently! You may think this is sad... but, it works for us! :)  Don't worry - we still use the phone sometimes.

But I digress...

Dad has to come up to visit someone, and mom wasn't really given a choice about whether she wanted to come...Dad and I both said she had to! haha  She's a homebody, but with my brother in Halifax now, she doesn't have many excuses to stay home... so we push.

I won't even pull out my list of "to-do's" for her this trip... we'll just prep her for the next time. Tantalize her with walls that need to be painted, pictures that need to be hung... she can join me in imagining what colours belong where, and how to dress up our walls. The fun stuff! :)

Maybe she can bake cinnamon rolls or something. Yes, I think we'd all enjoy that.


  1. Aw Janna, enjoy every moment of your time with your Mom and Dad......we enjoyed having them in Crapaud last Sunday for the day! Bet your Mom would just love to share in some of your "to-do" list! Doing what she does best, giving to others!

  2. Cathie - hello! Thanks for stopping by :):)
    I will definitely enjoy my time with Dad & Mom... it's a struggle being at work knowing she's home in MY house! :)

  3. You're lucky and I'm jealous. Wish MY mom and dad could come visit me. :(


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