December 13, 2010

Christmas Tree Adventure

After the baby shower on Saturday, we joined our friends for our annual visit to the Christmas Tree Farm... it's always a fun refreshing time. This time we weren't shopping for ourselves, so we were able to  join their fun for the search of "the tree"... The wagon ride and hot chocolate are highlights of the tradition for both young and old! :)

There wasn't much snow this year, so the fields were kind of bare...


"Is this the tree?"

Mom and her boy :)

I love that grin :)

Not everyone's opinion of the perfect tree is the same...

hauling down "the one"

The kids are waving down our transportation

mmm... a fire and hot chocolate. Pretty much perfect.

Hot chocolate stand

Tree is tied on and ready to find its new home

Starting the lengthy process of "perfecting" the tree and finding the "perfect" spot...
the guys & girls often differ here...

Relaxing ... this makes my heart melt... I think he'll be a wonderful dad :)

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