December 6, 2010

December... can you believe it?!

Weekends always go by too fast... before you blink, Monday is here. How does that happen??

And can you believe it's only 19 days until Christmas?? yikes. I am the world's worst Christmas shopper... I go into the frozen mind-blank state about mid-October, and I don't recover until January... I love many aspects of the Christmas holidays... the Christmas-y decor, family get-togethers, and of course ALL THE FOOD... but the shopping and gifts part?? That I could skip. But I'll try not to protest too much....

We finally had our first real beautiful snowfall...the roads and sidewalks are the gross dirty slush, but the yards and fields are all beautiful white! The first few snowfalls get me very excited... it must be all the childhood memories of fantastic storm days and hours spent playing in the snow. To this day, the sound of a snowplow or wind while I'm still laying in bed completely gets my hopes up. For at least the last week, before I'm barely awake, I have either mumbled to my man - "Is it snowing out??" or got out of bed, just to look out the window for myself... before crawling back under the covers. Nope - it wasn't snowing... at least not until Sunday. :) Mind you, I've never had a storm day while working that allowed me to stay home (maybe once in Halifax - can't remember), so not sure why I feel that anticipation... old habits formed as a kid certainly die hard!!

But after the first couple snowfalls each winter, the excitement wears off... and the adult dismay at such a long winter kicks in and... I moan and complain with the rest. But for now - I'll take the childish excitement for the next day or so! :)

My Dad popped in over the weekend... he was stopping over on his way home from Saskatchewan. We had a nice visit Saturday evening, and then some time Sunday afternoon while at a friend's house. He left this morning before I woke up, and is now... stranded at Toronto Pearson Airport. Lucky him. We have snow here, but it's the high winds back in the Maritimes that has flights cancelled. He's hoping to get out on an afternoon flight to Moncton (was supposed to fly directly to PEI) where Mom will drive over to pick him up. But so far, flights are being cancelled... if this continues, we may get another visit with him this evening! I know he'll be disappointed, because he is so looking forward to being home. So for his sake, I'm praying he gets out in the next couple hours.

I do love his visits though. :)

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