February 20, 2011

A little of this and that...

Just going through a few of my pictures over the last month and a bit:

Nothing says summer more than berries 'n cream...  well, there are many things that scream, dance and shout "SUMMER!!", but berries were the only sign I had last week to get excited about... so thought I would share a shot of our dessert. yummm

My Man went away for a few days for work, and when he returned, I not only got HIM back, but I was surprised with these:

Just a couple cute cards we received from dear friends... I'm incredibly horrible at sending out real mail, but I LOVE getting it! And when friends are celebrating with you and taking the time to show it... well, it means a lot. Thank you. :)

Jersey Girl, her husband and their precious bundle joined us for brunch one Saturday along with another friend... it was a first visit in our home for Jersey Girl's Girl! :) :)  Hopefully she'll spend lots of time here over the years.

She's changed so much since this picture... growing way. too. fast.

I'm working my way back through pictures... maybe you'll get a Christmas update and then a Thanksgiving Vermont/NYC trip update! ha.

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