February 27, 2011

A room in progress...

Well, my parents are gone and the house seems a little quiet and empty without them here... They left Wednesday around noon to drive to Bangor Maine where Dad was supposed to fly to Iowa for meetings. Unfortunately the weather had other plans, and his Friday flight was cancelled, and then his Saturday morning flight was cancelled... They found a flight from Portland, Maine yesterday at noon, so they drove down to catch that one..  Mom had to drive the long 8+ hours home alone. Thankfully the Lord gave her a good clear side of the highway most of the way home and she arrived safely!

Here are a few shots from the last week to give you a taste of what we were working on. And lest you think my Man didn't do anything, since there are no pictures of him, he was super helpful on the one day he wasn't working...  he drove us downtown through annoying traffic and patiently waited while Mom and I perused the fabric store... he made supper and cleaned up... he went and bought supper another night so we didn't starve. So, while he may not have gotten dirty in the paint (though he did offer!), I appreciated his support in this venture. :)

Mom did the hard job by doing all the trim and cutting in (as well as prepping and priming the walls)... I had the fun job of covering the walls with colour! :)

The room is done and ready for inspection once Dad arrives back from the West Coast

Mom showing one of the materials we chose to do a wall canvass and the curtains

Measuring the fabric to cut for one of the canvasses

We all took a break to pick Dad up at the airport... didn't take long for his laptop to come out once in the door... I get my addiction honestly!

One piece cut and ready to create our canvass!

Tacking around the wood frame before stapling - making sure we have it pulled tight, straight and even

Almost done our first one... with the new staple gun that jammed about every 2 minutes... grrr

Next piece of material...

It was getting close to midnight at this point and exhaustion was setting in... we called in help and let dad manage the frustrating staple gun. How's this for teamwork?!

Finished products! We're hoping to tone down the red wall a bit with the canvasses...

Just an idea of how the curtains will "look"... that's my crib bedding that I ordered at Christmas time... and I l.o.v.e. my sea blue wall! :)

So that's just a snapshot of what the room will eventually look like... need to find a rug, dresser/change table, get some things on the walls, and somehow make it cozy with a slight babyish touch... can't wait to get the crib set up!


  1. Looking good Janna ~ before you know it, your little one will be making his/her appearance!!!

    Love Cathie

  2. I'm SO impressed! Those canvases are amazing, especially against the red wall. The colors are all beautiful together!

  3. Thanks ladies :) I'm pleased with how the canvases turned out... it was our first time doing something like that and I must say that because it was so easy, "I" will likely do it again! Mom did all the work with the canvases, but I think I could do it... if I could cut straight. ;)
    Emily - good luck with your nursery! :) How many weeks left??

  4. I am pretty partial to that sea blue wall too! The curtains are going to be gorgeous.



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