February 17, 2011

Unexpected Gift

My parents are here... Dad is holed up in his room day and night preparing for his weekend in Arlington, WA, and Mom is working hard on our baby room... so neither are here on vacation. :) 

I walked into their room last night to see what Dad's "office" set-up was like, thinking he had brought up the folding table I suggested from the basement... but nope - his desk is the dresser. How uncomfortable!! And he's been working around the clock at that "desk" since early Tuesday morning. If you have a minute, pray for him as he pulls his messages together for the weekend. He seems to be slightly in panic mode.

Anyway, I walk into their room and on the bedside table I see this:

It was about as much as I could see from where I was standing, but I'm suddenly pointing... "WHERE DID YOU GET THAT?!?" Mom looks confused, and says, "You know what it is? I brought it for you but was waiting to give it to you when you were less tired..."

"Yes I know what it is! I read her blog every day - she's fantastic!"

This is what I was referring to... my unexpected gift. :)  Thank you Mom!

If you haven't read the Pioneer Woman's blog, you might be interested in checking it out here.


  1. Oh you lucky girl, you! I love PW's blog too, and her recipes! You must share which ones you like best!

  2. I read her blog every day too! Love her and her recipes!

    Just found your blog, through FB! :)

    Jill xx


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