March 14, 2011

Beautiful Day

Help! I can't concentrate at work...

It's a gorgeous sunny day here, with that "spring-is-on-its-way" feeling. While it's not overly warm today (only +1), it is supposed to briefly reach double digits this week... we shall see, as the forecasts are usually wrong! But we can hope... *smile*

We went to our first prenatal class this weekend... it is a 9am-4pm class two Saturdays in a row. I was absolutely dreading it, so my experience could only go up from there... thankfully we both found it useful enough that it didn't feel like a waste of time.   Plus, we made use of our evening at home and set up the crib! We still don't have anything on the walls yet, so when that happens I'll post a picture showing you the progress.

I had my 28 week appointment this morning... from now until the end, they are no longer 4 or 5 weeks apart but every 2 weeks. And of course, always during work time. It will feel like I'm never in the office! Apparently babe is sitting pretty high, but so far not impacting my ribs... baby is measuring just fine and moving lots. So thankful!  Mom on the other hand has gained 20 pounds already, and by what I'm reading online, should only be gaining another 5 lbs by birth... that's 11 weeks (ish) away... don't think I'm going to be able to meet that standard...  need to cut out some of the chocolate, sour patch kids and sour keys, and ... CHEESE...  oh, and maybe get MOVING. I hope that will be a bit easier now that the weather is slowly getting nicer. Just wished I enjoyed my veggies and salads more! :)

Quickly changing topics... the devastation in Japan is heartbreaking... we can get so numbed to tragedies that we sometimes view the footage with a very aloof reaction... but may it not be so. In those cars and homes being swept away, under all that building rubble, in those swiftly moving waves and currents are mothers, fathers, daughters, sons, brothers, sisters, grandparents, husbands, wives and friends... souls are being swept away. In the last handful of years there have been so many of these natural disasters... disaster doesn't even seem like a strong enough word. It seems the whole earth, the whole creation is groaning... groaning and longing for the Lord's return... and yet, while seeing my Saviour's face brings thoughts of rejoicing, my heart cries - "Just a little longer please Lord... my loved ones are still not saved..."  Each wave of crisis in the world - whether it be an earthquake, tsunami, or these current rebellions and wars - brings such a sense of urgency that Heaven's Door will soon be shut... let us pray more urgently for our loved ones who are still without Christ as their Saviour.

On a completely different note, I have some company coming in May that I find quite exciting! I mean, some seriously special guests! *smile* The May missionary conference brings Mr. Marcus Cain into the city and I begged and pleaded to have the privilege to host him... and not just him, but his parents are flying in from Halifax! Yay!! It will be a busy weekend, but I'll take any visit I get with them... we may not share a blood line, but this family definitely falls into the category of "friends who are like family"... so I'm definitely looking forward to seeing their lovely faces! :)


  1. That is sweet Janna - you will always be family too - and not just because you are our daughter-in-law's sister! So looking forward to that week-end.

  2. I had the same reaction when I found out I had already gained 20 pounds by my 28 week appt: "Uh oh, I better reign in my cheese intake!" :)

    I'm glad you'll post pictures of your nursery - I had meant to ask you to do that in my rambling e-mail to you, but forgot. I want to make sure to see the finished masterpiece!

    Oh, and thanks for the sobering reminder of what the Japan devastation ought to impress upon us: the need for salvation, especially in light of this temporary, sin-corrupted earth crumbling away.

  3. @Hazel - Thanks! Love you! <3

    @Emily - haha, Not sure how much of a masterpiece it will be, but... thanks for the encouragement! :) I do plan to respond to your email - it was helpful and very sweet.


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