March 8, 2011

27 Weeks down...

June 5th still sounds like a long ways away, but when I look at how many weeks are "left" it doesn't sound that long at all! I have 27 weeks under my belt and can officially say I'm into the third trimester. Whoa. My countdown says I have 12 weeks and 5 days to go... know what that means??
9 weeks of work left!! N.I.N.E.

So excited about that... it's not that I have a bad job... On the contrary!  God has blessed me with a great administrative job, but for now... my head just isn't in it. I know I'm heading into a full-time-24-hour-around-the-clock position as a Mom, but... it sounds a lot more appealing at the moment than heading into my day job and sitting at a desk.

Technically I have 13 Saturdays left before my due date... that includes June 4th - the day before the "D" Date (that I said I wouldn't obsess over... ha).  2 of those Saturdays are written off because we're attending pre-natal classes. *sigh*  Another 2 of those Saturdays fall on conference weekends (Easter & Missionary Conf)... so that leaves me with 9 Saturdays to be productive and be ready for this Little One to join us.

That's if this Little One doesn't decide to come early.  Not that there's a big fear of that, but I do hear it happens. Apparently I was born ON my due date, which I had no idea about until recently. Thought that was cool. :)

Speaking of pre-natal classes... this Saturday is actually our first one. Should be interesting... I just can't picture my Man and I sitting through these classes, but a million other couples do, so I'm sure we'll survive!

I had another ultrasound yesterday... this babe is chubbin' up! SO CUTE.  The 2D images are finally starting to look like a baby and not some alien creature... if I wasn't so conscious of how much this Little One is costing before she/he even arrives, I'd spend the dough and get a 3D/4D ultrasound done. I'm getting more and more curious about what this Little One looks like!!

Wow... all I talk about is this pregnancy. My apologies! 

Apparently my thoughts aren't going much deeper than that lately...

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  1. Oh Janna, you are allowed to talk and think non stop about this baby ~ and it really is only the beginning ~ you'll be talking about them for the rest of his/her life!!!! Loving every minute of "hearing" about the little one! Enjoy each day, love to you all.



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