June 26, 2011

A few cute things...

The proud sleep deprived Dad was keeping track of little AJ's stats as we got them... notice anything wrong in the below picture?
Yes - that's right... the date. I think this is priceless! He was going to write out 06/11/11 but decided it should be written out... but somehow the "06" stuck and the date was written down incorrectly... and none of us noticed even though we all looked at the board a few times! Just a funny memory :)

As you may know, my Man is from Vancouver so is a true Canucks fan... we had high hopes of the Stanley Cup being paraded through the streets of Vancouver, but alas, the boys didn't step up their game and lost. The night they lost, I was telling my Man how sorry I was for him that his boys lost the big game...  his reply? "It doesn't matter... nothing can take away my happiness today."  *sigh* Having this posted here might be a bit too mushy for my husband's liking, but I think this will mean a lot to AJ someday down the road, and I know I will forget... so this is my way of documenting. :) 
Early in the first week of being home, it was a beautiful day so we decided to go for a walk early evening. Being a new mom, I wanted to make sure my boy was properly dressed for the occasion... I hadn't stepped outside and thought AJ needed to be bundled up a bit... 

I might have overdone it...

Partly because I REALLY wanted to wear this knitted jacket on AJ before he grew out of it... summer weather isn't the best time for a cute warm fall jacket. And in case you missed the layers, poor little AJ had on a sleeper (likely an undershirt under it - can't remember), a sleep sack/wrap, the sweater jacket and a hat... plus I intended to have a blanket over him in the stroller.  Thankfully his dear dad came to his rescue and we peeled away the layers to just the sleeper and a blanket over him in the stroller... the hat came along just in case it was windy.

It wasn't. It was boiling hot. haha

AJ's first walk outside... it was beautiful, refreshing and very much NEEDED!

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  1. ooh how fun! and i totally know what you mean about wanting to put his cute clothes on him when they fit, even though they aren't seasonal! someone gave sam the most gorgeous jacket, and i'm just waiting for a cool day :D
    hug your little sweetpea for me!


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