June 8, 2011

Still Here...

Well, at 40 weeks and 3 days I'm starting to get a little antsy... maybe because it's TOO HOT to do anything outside the air conditioned house and because my feet are so swollen it's uncomfortable to walk.  Not to mention my back after 5 minutes.

But at the same time, sitting here isn't helping my baby to drop any lower... I think I'm banishing myself to the basement (where I slept last night because it was the only cool place in the house!)...  There's a treadmill there that could use a little dusting off, a bed for naps and a relaxing read, a washroom and shower, and my exercise ball to sit on... yes, I believe that's where I'll hang out to survive this hot humid weather.

Just thought about setting up the sprinkler in the back yard and running through to cool off... might look silly though! I guess my pride wins this round... Oh to be a kid sometimes!

Also trying to use up some iTune cards and purchase new music... I'm so out of touch! Anyone have any good music suggestions???

PS. I forgot to add that my Man even has co-workers emailing him helpful self-inducing tips like: "Black and Blue Cohosh to Induce Labor" found at http://herbs.lovetoknow.com/Black_and_Blue_Cohosh_to_Induce_Labor
I thought that was funny and cute at the same time. :)

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