March 23, 2012

Grandmothers... leaving a Legacy of Faith

We received sad news yesterday.  E's Grandma passed away quite suddenly. She had been in the hospital for about a week, but when we talked to my mother-in-law on Wednesday, there was no indication anyone thought she was near the end. She was confused, but they weren't really getting any medical answers as to what was wrong. We're not sure (at the moment) what happened, but it was a surprise when we received the call yesterday to hear that she was gone.

I'm so thankful we were in Vancouver for Christmas this year and that we made it out twice to visit with Grandma. I love the picture below - 4 generations.
Isn't she cute?

Grandma F was a missionary for many years in Venezuela. My father-in-law was born and spent his childhood there before coming to Canada for school. Grandma lived a life well for the Lord and I know she has heard her Saviour say "well done, faithful child."

Grandma will be missed. If you have a moment, pray for the family as they go through all the preparations and decisions that come at a time like this.

Ironically (?), on Wednesday we heard that my Dad's mother, Grammie R had "taken a turn" and the family was called in. Not quite sure what that means. Unlike E's grandmother, who was mostly coherent and mobile, my grandmother has been lost in her world because of Alzheimer's and deafness. Her body is weak and she doesn't move on her own. But my mom was in yesterday afternoon and Grammie seemed to be doing "ok". Obviously, who knows from hour-to-hour; it's like that with many her age. But yesterday she looked like this:
The Grandmother I remember would "DIE" if she knew this picture would be seen by anyone, but... she won't know. :) When this picture was taken she was surrounded with love - her 2 daughters, a daughter-in-law and a granddaughter. 

What a day it will be when she enters her eternal home and sees her Saviour face-to-face. Her mind will be clear and she will be able to HEAR. I can't wait for that for her. Reality is, we have been missing her all these years, mourning the loss of the grandmother/mother we knew and loved. It will be sad to hear when she is gone, but for her sake there will be relief and joy.

Someday soon, both our grandmothers may be rejoicing side-by-side in their Saviour's presence... lives lived on earth for God's glory and pleasure. They lived knowing their treasure was in heaven, and the longing of their hearts have been there for a long, long time. Both ladies raised families with their husbands gone for long periods of time sharing the gospel with others. Both ladies lived by faith - not having a steady income, but trusting God to meet their every need. Often meals were beyond simple, and the same night after night. At times, they didn't know where their next meal would come from to feed their little family.... but God always provided. Both ladies were strong women - holding the fort down during difficult times while their husbands were away.

Ladies, leaving a legacy of faith. They lived by faith. And they were faithful servants. And we love them dearly. May we continue on as they did... and keep our eyes and hearts on what matters... having our treasure in Heaven.


  1. Janna, please give E and the family circle my sympathy ~ I will miss his grandmother very much when visiting next time ~ had a wonderful late evening chat with her when there in February ~ we spoke about how special "A" was, she thought he was pretty sweet ~ and then we shared a few laughs! Happy memories. What a blessed release for her, enjoying her first few days in heaven. Grammie R is special too ~ I will never forget how kind and welcoming your grandparents were to me when I first arrived here ~ and I remember one time at Freetown when she couldn't get over how good a baby Troy was ~ so very quiet, was what she said!!! He's since made up for that!!! Each of them will hear their Saviour say, "Well done". May you feel a deep sense of God's presence with you at this time! Love Cathie

  2. Big, warm hugs from us, Janna. Thinking of the whole family having to deal with the suddenness of this, and praying for comfort. And for peace in the days ahead. Love you.

  3. Thanks Cathie & Sus - my faithful readers :)
    It sounds like my grandmother "just" had some sort of infection and seems to be back to herself now... it was likely just a false alarm for now.


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