March 19, 2012

My Rwandan Son

Isn't he precious?! My heart melts whenever I look at his picture; he is a gift to me.

I had talked about sponsoring a child for a long time... another good intention going stale without action. For my birthday, my Man gave me a wonderful gift through Compassion Canada - a Rwandan 'son' born on January 10th - my birthday. He's 10 years old. 

I wish I had clearer pictures of his precious face, but am thankful for the visuals I do have.

Correspondence is relatively slow in this age of instant messaging, text messages, facebook, email, etc. I have received one letter from David so far; it seems someone in his family wrote it for him before it was translated for me. I hope over time, as David gets older, letters and pictures will be more frequent and personal.

But that is just an added bonus.

I have the gift and joy of praying for David and his family, and offering just a little financial assistance to hopefully ease their burden in a small way. Giving a little help in the name of Jesus, knowing the gospel is reaching this family.

I urge you to visit Compassion Canada's website, or the US site for my American friends, and look at the sweet faces waiting for a sponsor to love them. Maybe you are being called to be a friend to one?

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