March 31, 2012

Success! And Summer Days

Well, our adventure to Hamilton was a success... we came home with a new running stroller! No excuses now... I signed up for a 5k for May 26th - a goal to get me out the door :)

The stroller's previous home was in Ancaster - a little town I had never been to before. Wikipedia says it is a "picturesque and historic community located on the Niagara escarpment, within the greater area of the city of Hamilton, Ontario." The area I saw was definitely picturesque... I bet it's gorgeous in the fall with all the colours! 

After an hour and a half drive out, I didn't think AJ would want to stay put for the drive home without a break, so we walked a little street of shops and found a library - a convenient place to hang out for a little guy who can't walk yet. He crawled around and played at the train table for awhile. There were lots of people to charm, so he was happy! :)

I uploaded the pictures from my phone for the past little while, and was reminded of the gorgeous 2 weeks of spring/summer we had recently. Watching AJ experience the warm outdoors is fun. He's a true little boy - finding every little rock and twig to taste... and immediately finding dirt to dig into - even if it's only between the slabs of concrete on a sidewalk! :)

Here are a few from those nice "summer" days:

AJ and I enjoyed wandering downtown one afternoon... we went through the Distillery District, got a coffee at Balzac's and played in the square ;) We strolled through St Lawrence Market and leisurely walked the waterfront while soaking in the sun and water. I love downtown! We met up with the Man of the house and had supper at The Old Spaghetti Factory before driving home in the twilight night. It was a perfect day!

I need to upload the pictures from my actual camera - I think they tell a better story of the fun day we had downtown. 

Oh, and at 9 1/2  months, AJ got his 7th tooth - top left next to the 2 middle teeth. THe 8th one (top right) is coming any day now. He seems to be a "tooth machine"!


  1. Congrats on the new stroller! Very suave! You're gonna be one hot mama runnin' with that thing!! Can't believe how AJ is growing so fast. Insane. Love the first pic of him.. he looks like you in it! Give him lotsa squeezes from me. Miss ya.

  2. Great pictures! I so wish we could get our boys together - they would LOVE digging in the dirt side by side! It sounds like AJ and Jimmy have similar toothy grins. Isn't it crazy to see so many teeth in that little mouth? Jimmy's been a real handful this past week (read: tantrum after tantrum!), so I'm kinda hoping it's another tooth coming and not a new personality trait! :)


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