November 26, 2012

Multitude Monday

Another week... another multitude of blessings... Thankful for these gifts :)

101 - Cozy story times with AJ. I love the lengthening attention span and that we can actually read full stories now!

102 - Attending the Christmas parade with my little family Saturday morning. It was SO C.O.L.D. but hey - it's a winter Christmas parade! AJ loved the music, the big trucks, the fire-truck and... seeing lots of dogs. Oh, and all the kids around us - that captured his attention as much as the actual parade. :)

103 - While it was cold and windy Saturday during the parade, it was sunny and SNOWING. Perfect atmosphere, and perfect timing for the first snow in our little area.

104 - A country drive Saturday afternoon... snow covered rolling hills... beautiful. I can just breath easier when we're out there.

105 - Getting a playset off Kijiji for AJ... hopefully having a climber/slide thing in our basement will help AJ get through the long winter months... especially when mom is busy/tired with his new little sister.

106 - Visiting one of the collection sites for Operation Christmas Child... it was such a happy and hopeful atmosphere.

107 - Getting a long phone conversation with my mom... it's been long overdue - skype with the grandchild usually wins out ;)

108 - Late afternoon sunlight shining in the window... there's just something warm and special about early morning sunlight and late afternoon sunlight.

109 - Finally making a trip over to the new Whole Foods - beautiful grocery store! And a great place to go for lunch - so many options.

110 - Watching Little Man take in "Christmas" this year... he loved this Nutcracker at Loblaws :)
Beep! Beep!

Here Mr, let me fix your outfit for you...

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