May 5, 2015

Baby Introduction!

So... 6 and a half months later, let me officially introduce our newest family member: Nathan Albert!

Born on October 18, 2014 at 8:19pm after 1 hour and 20 minutes of labour (apparently... since that's what is written on paper).  He weighed in at 8lbs 12 oz and was 22 inches long.  Nathan dropped 4 oz by day 3 but than gained 8 oz in the next 2 days to weigh in at 9 lbs on Day 5! He likes to eat... a family trait of ours. 

MJ and AJ are in love with him and adjusted very quickly. MJ was definitely the most affectionate -- dangerously so! ;) 

It seems that the more children you have, the less quality photos you take, and I'm already noticing the difference. I have very few hospital pictures (I guess we weren't there that long!) and that bothers me... but can't be changed now! Once AJ and MJ woke up Sunday morning, the pictures were a little chaotic with Nathan's life often in danger!  So, what you will see in these pictures is about the best we have from his first 24 hours!

We're so thankful Nathan arrived safely and healthy... we love our little man so much!

Leaving for the hospital at supper time... I had to call my man and AJ in from flying a kite to say it was time to go! I wasn't in tons of pain but learned my lesson from MJ's labour that when I started wondering if it was the real contractions, then we better get moving!

He's here!!

He cried more in the hospital than I remember AJ & MJ crying... 

Daddy's newest love

Tried wearing this lovely gown earlier but it was MASSIVE!!!! So they tried to give it to me again to wear afterward, but it was just too hilariously big...

My 2 midwives that had the honour of being on-call for my unorthodox delivery. Keeping details to a minimum: I'm in a beautiful new birthing room in the new maternity wing of our hospital, and..... little Nathan was born in the only room I was "comfortable" hanging out in -- the bathroom. Lovely. Classy.

Finding out all the birth stats

Getting ready for the trip home. He wasn't happy about being dumped into a seat, but fell asleep in the car thankfully.

Meeting Nana at home just before midnight.

So beyond thankful for this baby whisperer! 

Sunday morning -- the kids getting a glimpse of their new brother for the first time!

AJ: "Is THAT our new baby brother????!"

MJ: "Baby! Baby!"

So much love...

Introduction to Grandpa and Grandma via Skype -- little boy still nameless

Nathan's name is special for me.  Albert was my Grandfather's name and I pray that Nathan will grow up to be a man after God's heart and to live a life of generosity and hospitality right to the end... like my grandfather. He was a big man with a big personality and he gave every inch of his life to serve his God and to tell others of His Saviour.  Nathan was his father's name, so it's very much a family name! :)

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