May 3, 2015

One on One Time

I found this little post in my drafts and am so thankful to have this reminder of MJ almost a year ago! Not sure why I didn't post it... but posting it now for my own recollection in the future. She was 17  months old.

I try really hard to time their naps together in the afternoon… but on the rare day that it doesn’t work I’m reminded how special it is to have one-on-one time with a happy child… I usually get that with AJ in the mornings while MJ has her first nap, but rarely with MJ. Today because of morning fun with friends (I made it into the pool for the first time), her nap kind of happened over lunch, so she woke up minutes after AJ went down for his afternoon nap… at first I groaned, but then embraced our little one-on-one time… and it’s been so fun to enjoy her happy little self with out her big brother’s distractions! She’s enjoying all his toys outside without having to share and has the kiddie pool to herself… not to mention the cute little “conversations” she and I are having!

I don’t know if finding out that our next child is a boy has had anything to do with it, or if she’s just reaching that “more fun” stage… but I’m enjoying my little girl so much – big personality and all!  Sure, she does more drama crying and drama screaming when not getting her own way (we’re cracking down on that)… but I find her hilarious and she doesn’t even have words yet. She’s a big tease, imitator and loves to have fun. And music gets her moving every time… even if it’s not true music, like the um, smoke detector. Seriously… our oven and smoke detector have compatibility issues when the oven is heated past 350 if the fans aren’t on and windows open… it went off yesterday and MJ started bopping to the rhythm of the “beep”!

I just hope that when we’re back East, she’s her happy self so you can get to know the MJ I know too!

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