March 17, 2010

10K... my golden moment :)

I thought if I posted a picture of my achievement from  October 2009 that it might "kick me in the butt" to get out the door and get running... I had so much fun (and pain!) running the 10K Oasis Zoo Run at the Toronto Zoo this past fall... I did the 5k the year before, which in itself was a huge personal accomplishment... my "training" (REAL runners would laugh) was a little slow taking off, with a lot of knee pain... but finally by the end of August, I was starting to get some rhythm. But 10k?? I couldn't make it to 8k!! Kept hitting 7.54k... bam. The first time I crossed that 8k barrier, I went to 10.62K in 1 hour 11 minutes... I was in shock that I ran for over an hour.. haha That was Oct 5, 2009... my 10K race was Oct 17/09! So you see, I didn't run very many 10K's before my race, so it was still a big challenge to finish... but finish I did, in 1:03... in pain but so excited that I did it! :) :) And all the while my husband was in bed... ;) Some year I will get him on the course to at least cheer me on! :)

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