March 17, 2010

Spring is here?

How I would love to believe so... but the skeptic in me says this is likely just a teaser as it's only March 17! But for however long this weather lasts - I'm going to fully enjoy it. Sunny t-shirt weather... love it!

The fresh spring air makes me want to run, but I haven't run more than 10 feet (!!) since Christmas break... last night I attempted a short one... yikes. It's going to be painful getting back into it...but worth it. :)

It was my Mom's birthday yesterday... Dad was away, I'm in Ontario, my sister is in Halifax... thankfully my brother was home to wish her Happy Birthday in person! And she had visitors from NS - her mom and sister went over for the day to celebrate. I thought that was sweet! So... a shout out here - Happy Birthday to the best Mom ever! I love you!

I'm excited that next Tuesday night we start our bible study on Daniel. This is a Beth Moore study, and I'm doing it with 3 other girlfriends. It's my first time doing anything like this, so it will be interesting. I'm going to be busy keeping up with the Daniel study as well as my Breaking Free study (which I'm loving, btw)!

That's all my randomness for the moment... hope everyone else is enjoying sunshine as well!

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