April 17, 2010

Coffee & Company

If you know me, you know coffee is a "need" more than a want, as it is with many others... I'm a regular Tim Horton's girl, but I love finding unique little coffee shops. It doesn't happen often, but I made it to one last Saturday as I was spending time downtown while Evan was at work for a few hours. I met up with my friend Mark, and he took me to this cute coffee shop "hidden" away in the historic Distillery District - Balzac's Coffee... don't you love the decor? I actually didn't have coffee - I had just finished my Tim's! My mocha was delicious, but the company and decor was more what made the outing special. I'd like to go back!

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  1. Hey J! Gorgeous decor there- I'll bet they've got great pastries too. I'm so glad I found your blog, I had no idea lol! Love ya!!


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