April 13, 2010

Power of Prayer

My friend is in the process of adopting two twin boys from Zambia. Well actually - the adoption is official but she is still in Zambia sorting out all the paperwork to bring them home. Janice travelled to Zambia alone, leaving, her husband and four sweet children at home and is going through this agonizingly slow process on her own in such a far-away land. As the days go by, she just wants to be home in the arms of her family - including her two zambian sons. Her sister-in-law, a mission worker there, is helping her, so she's not completely alone. She also has a whole army of prayer warriors behind her. This experience has been an on-going lesson on prayer... every step of the way God has been showing His hand - even on the days she feels frustrated and alone. We are praying with her and Dean that God will do what only HE can do - speed up the processes and red tape and get her and the boys on a plane home ASAP. We're looking for an end-of-the week wrap-up... impossible? Nope - not with our God. That's what we're praying for, but ultimately it is His will. The God who knows all is in control. We will trust You, God. And while we're waiting and trusting - please give Janice peace, guidance and strength for every hour she is still in Zambia.

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