April 26, 2010

My heart is in Lusaka today...

Update on Update:) - So apparently she didn't receive the visas literally yesterday - the photo sizes were wrong and had to be redone... it was the approval she received. But then today (Tuesday) at the end of the day, she got an email saying the visa packets were ready to be picked up! She'll head there first thing in the morning, pick up the last of their stuff and then get on a plane at 1pm to begin the long journey home... It's been quite a trip! :)

Update at 3:50pm - I just have to give God thanks here... I just saw that Janice received the Visas today as we desired and urgently prayed for. I don't know any more than that, but when God acts and blesses us in ways that only HE can, the least I can do is THANK HIM! Praise God for today's blessings. :) :) :)
Original Post: I'm at work with goals of being the diligent worker today... but my thoughts are in Lusaka, Zambia... my friend Janice has been there for 24 days working hard to finalize the adoption of her two Zambian twin boys - Chazano and Zunduka. The adoption is complete - they are now Chazano and Zunduka Walker (!!), but the paperwork allowing them to leave Zambia and move to the US is still in process... Today is hopefully THE day. Today we are expecting to hear wonderful news that God has provided the Visas necessary (at 2pm!) for all three of them to get on a plane Wednesday...  I woke up a million times last night for no apparent reason other than Janice and today's needs were on my heart... so I prayed each and every time I woke up... God has shown His hand so many times on this journey, and I am expectant and hopefully in Him!

Check out ourangelsfromafrica.blogspot.com if you're interested in reading this special adoption journey through a mother's heart - a mother who had to leave her husband and four young children for over 24 days to travel alone to Zambia to bring these boys into the Walker family... a mother who had a child growing in her womb when she left the US, but mourned the loss of the baby (possibly twins) alone in Zambia... a mother who is missing her baby girl's second birthday today... a mother who has had in incredible journey of testing and triumph with GOD on her side... a mother who's faith has been stretched and refined.  Pray for her and pray for her family.  They need the Visas today so they can fly home Wednesday... and then a whole new transition and adjustment period begins for everyone... her journey isn't over yet!

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