September 17, 2012

Multitude Monday - #3

Thanking God for each of these blessings...

#21 - for my husband who is a wonderful father... who is so loved by me and our son

#22 - for the sudden beaming face and higher-pitched "Hiiii" of my 15-month old gift when I walk in the door after a full day away

#23 - for technology and friends that allowed me to attend and watch Beth Moore's simulcast on Saturday... what a wonderful day of refreshing, challenges to dig deeper in God's Word, singing of praise and worship, and encouragement (err... challenge!) to go all out for the abundant life in Christ

#24 - back to #21 - for my man who happily agreed to take on full-daddy-duty on Saturday so I could attend the simulcast with friends

#25 - watching my son joyfully run and play with the older boys at church. He loves them and I'm so thankful they love him!

#26 - the time to enjoy a coffee visit with three friends last Wednesday

#27 - these beautiful sunny autumn days

#28 - AJ's progress in getting back into sleep routines this past week! Sleep until 8:30am?? I'll take that!

#29 - trying a new restaurant Saturday night and being able to laugh with my Man at our choice... since it definitely didn't make the "do-again" list

#30 - the challenge of trying to find food our picky little eater will eat... (ha, most of the time I find this super frustrating... trying to change my outlook!)

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  1. #28 yay!! and i had friends who also attended the simulcast, and i heard so many good things about it. :) love reading your multitudes.


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