October 1, 2012

Multitude Monday - #4

I missed last week's Multitude list... my waking hours were wrapped up in planning, organizing and errand running for our church's Open House BBQ we had this past Saturday. More on that - in my list. :)

So much to be thankful for... here are ten ways I felt God's love for me this past week:

#31 - Beautiful sunny days with cooler temperatures. I love fall!

#32 - Watching my Little Man climb everything and get so proud of himself. Up onto the couch with lots of effort, crawl to the other end, slide off and... repeat while happily talking the whole time!

#33 - Homemade pumpkin spice lattes with whip made by my friend who is patiently waiting for her second little one to make his/her entrance into this big ol' world... Baby - it's TIME!

#34 - My Little Man's patience and happy disposition all last week while he endured days of errands, hours at the church prepping for the Open House, and little one-on-one attention with Mom.

#35 - My friend's two young sons who love AJ and entertained him for hours over the last week while we prepped for the Open House. So fun to see AJ having fun with them - the "big boys"!

#36 - Little Man's miracle nap on Saturday... he did this last year during our Open House BBQ - his norm was napping 40 minutes or less at that time, and he napped in his stroller last year for over two hours in all that chaos. This past Saturday when we were so busy at the start of the Open House - he did over two hours again in the pack 'n play at church during the Open House chaos... gift from God for sure!!

#37 - A gorgeous fall day filled with friendly faces - some familiar, some new - from the community who came through our church's open doors for a hamburger/hotdog, information on our various activities, and just mingled and visited with us. It was a great day and we thank God for it! Praying for long-term blessing.

#38 - Friends who fed us impromptu suppers two nights this past week - a gift after a long busy day.

#39 - A cold that didn't get as bad as it could have.... and seems to be on its way out.

#40 - The prospect of a week at the cottage... love having my Man around during the day. My sister-in-law and her husband are visiting with us from Arizona, so we're hoping for a relaxing week in the "country". (and praying for a week of gorgeous autumn weather)

**Bonus Gift**
Little Man slept until 9AM today!!!!!!!!! Oh how I needed that after a busy weekend... so unexpected, and SO APPRECIATED!

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